The Benefits Of Having Lockers In The Office

Many companies like to install lockers in the workplace as a method of storage both in terms of security, and convenience. In fact, lockers can take care of several workplace challenges at the same time, without taking up valuable space. 

It might be hard to envision lockers in your company’s workplace, since they tend to be seen a lot in particular industries such as medical, law enforcement and construction. However, there’s no reason to avoid adding lockers to your workspace, and the benefits are plenty.


Employees can benefit from having lockers to store valuables in, especially if they don’t feel comfortable leaving said items at the desk. Purses, wallets, smartphones and other valuables can be stored securely both during work hours, or on lunch break, making it a convenient go-to solution.

In addition, some employees may wish to store valuables overnight, for use the next day. In hoteling or shared workspace situations, lockers can provide personal storage in a flexible and open environment


By adding lockers into a workplace, companies can avoid potentially complicated legal issues that may arise if valuables are stolen. Employees can be directed to store valuables and other items in lockers to prevent things like workplace theft. This might be harder to pull off in a small office, but it’s a big problem in larger companies with a lot of employees all sharing the same space.

By having lockers at the ready, employees can avoid leaving their valuables around for would-be thieves to grab. The onus is then on said employee to make sure that they are using their locker for the purpose it was intended, while keeping their lock combinations secret. Depending on the jurisdiction, this could either prevent a lawsuit against the company, or at least give it leverage against an accuser.


Lockers can also be used for the purpose of organization and tidiness. Companies can use them to store things like stationery and other items, which can then be accessed by a select group of employees and managers. By keeping the pool of access low, companies can more accurately track how these items are being used, and whom to hold accountable for things like waste or theft.

The effect is twofold. Lockers can play a convenient role in tidying up the office environment by eliminating the need for these items to be left out in the open. They’re a great alternative for companies who don’t have access to a dedicated storage room, yet still need a secure place to store office products and valuables.


Lockers are very easy to clean and maintain, given their smooth surfaces and straightforward angles. They don’t take much effort to spray and wipe down, which means less time cleaning. Some lockers can even be treated with antimicrobial paint to make things a little easier.

They’re also great for companies enjoying a growth spurt. As the number of employees goes up, and the need for larger workspaces becomes apparent, lockers can easily be redeployed to another office without any hassle. They can even be stacked in various configurations to take advantage of different spaces, which is a major plus for companies who want to keep the office tidy and easy to navigate.


While many people hear the word “locker” and immediately conjure up memories of high school, the truth is that office lockers are quite different. They can be created in a variety of finishes and colors that compliment any office environment, and some even come with impressive technology installed, for greater convenience.

fluidconcepts’ lockers were designed with that exact purpose in mind. Our modular approach allows companies to purchase lockers in a variety of configurations to accommodate their particular office space. We offer over 20 distinct varieties of laminate finishes that can compliment your particular space, and fit seamlessly with your office décor.

In addition, we also offer the choice of either keyed or Electronic Lock mechanisms, the latter of which is perfect for those who need quick access without having to keep track of keys. Other features include adjustable shelves and coat hooks for non-cubby lockers, multiple ganging options, and numbered plates. 


Lockers aren’t just for school, and when applied correctly in an office workspace, they can bring a new level of convenience and versatility for staff to take advantage of. Today’s lockers are aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, and the perfect compliment to your office furniture choices.

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