Why Laminate Furniture in the Workplace is a Solid Choice

As biophilic design becomes more popular in office space design, so too does the demand for natural looking office furniture. However, it can be quite costly to purchase handcrafted wood desks, shelving units and other furniture items, which is why laminates have become such a great option.

Essentially, laminates are synthetic materials applied to substrates like particleboard or MDF panels. When produced with the right techniques, they offer stability, functionality, and of course, great aesthetic appeal, mimicking the appearance of solid wood furniture without the added cost.

If you’re thinking of bringing a natural look and feel to your office space, laminates might just be the way to go.


Typically, the laminates we offer at fluidconcepts consist of TFL (Thermofused Laminate) and HPL (High Pressure Laminate), both of which are excellent choices for office furniture. The idea behind laminates is to retain quality and durability at an attractive price point, and these two options are considered excellent choices as compatible office solutions.

TFL is thermally bonded paper applied to particleboard or MDF panels. It is more economical than HPL, while being very durable for any office environment. TFL is used on work surfaces, storage cases and fronts.

In contrast, HPL is about the most durable laminate available. It is made of several sheets of paper that are bonded together using high pressure presses. It is used in many horizontal applications such as counter tops and higher quality table tops.

On vertical surfaces, it is commonly used for curved dividers. HPL has higher impact resistance than most other laminates.

Which laminate you choose depends largely on your particular office environment, and can include factors such as traffic, the type of work going on, and how often furniture is repositioned.


Besides the obvious cost savings and aesthetic value, laminates are a good investment due to their easy maintenance. They’re durable, resistant to harm like water damage, and can be cleaned quite easily. This is good news, especially given that some cleaning products are actually quite capable of damaging higher-end, more expensive office furniture.

Laminates offer excellent durability to cleaning products, while at the same time reducing the replacement cost of damaged goods. It’s far better to replace laminate office furniture, as opposed to luxury alternatives which can rack up a significant replacement bill.

Further, the quality of laminates has managed to shed the negative perceptions of old, and is fast becoming a major trend inside the modern office. There’s no need to sacrifice quality or good looks anymore.

The level of sophistication in laminate production, design and options has increased tenfold, as well. Laminates are now used for office desks, meeting tables, shelving units, filing cabinets, and lockers, all of which can be custom-designed to match a particular motif that runs parallel with your company’s branding guidelines and style.

This is especially great for ambitious startups that want to spend less on office furniture, while still making an impact on clients and hirable talent.


These days, companies are extremely eco-conscious, and that’s why it pays to understand how laminates work. Many vendors create laminates from eco-friendly recyclable materials, which is a major boon for those who are worried about the environment.

When a product reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be repurposed as agriculture filler, or reapplied to another product. As such, there’s far less reason to worry about how environmentally friendly a laminate product is.

This is especially true of laminate flooring, which can also be used in the workplace to round out a perfectly eco-friendly package. Your employees can take pride knowing that they’re working for a company that values the health of the planet, as well as enthusiasm to put in a great day’s work.


Laminates have evolved far beyond the lackluster, low-quality designs from decades past. These days, they’re gorgeous, high-quality alternatives to extremely expensive office furniture options, and that’s good news for companies who want to keep costs low, and reinvest back into operations.

fluidconcepts has a wide range of laminate options that are perfect for office spaces of all types. Naturally, we’re happy to help overcome any indecision by working with you to decide on the best choice. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll help identify the best laminate options for your office furniture choices.

There’s no need to pay a hefty premium for great looking office furniture. All it takes is choosing the right laminate options to turn your workplace into a sleek, contemporary space that draws the eyes, and impresses those who walk by.

These options are as perfect for the work floor as they are for the executive office, the boardroom, or the break room. Plus, they are easy to maintain and clean, which means less time worrying about incurring costly damages, and more attention spent on making use of their functionality.

With styles that include Maple, Mahogany, Kindle, Oak, Silverwood, Walnut and Graphite (to name a few), fluidconcepts office furniture can be custom-tailored to adhere to a specific look that matches your company’s aesthetic. You can even mix several styles together to compliment different areas of the office, in order to shake things up a bit.


To find out more about laminates, please browse our website or contact us.

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