Leveraging Office Furniture in a Hybrid Workplace for 2022

Prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies weren’t particularly sanguine about the thought of a hybrid work model, particularly due to complications revolving around employee work habits, and how best to keep track of employee productivity.

Since that time, however, most companies have reconsidered that position as the future of work, and decided to implement it as an option for many employees who want a better balance between work, and their personal lives.

With workers now splitting time between their home office, and the workplace, it’s wise to implement office furniture in just the right way, so as to maximize productivity for all employees, regardless of their position. 


The hybrid work model will have a direct impact on the company office environment, and employers should learn to think modular, right away. Fixed workstations and other furniture won’t cut it in 2022, or beyond. The hybrid workplace will prioritize a different approach – one that prioritizes flexibility. 

The ability to switch desking units around, or reassemble them in different layouts will be practical, right across the board. Teams will be more flexible than ever, with some spending the majority of their time from the home office, while new workers are hired to fill in gaps at the main workplace.

For those who cut their time between both locations, choosing modular furniture that can quickly be reformatted and repositioned is key to drawing out the most productivity on any given day.


Gone are the days when one single worker would have full, unfettered access to a single workstation. Nowadays, it’s wise to set up workstations that can be used by multiple workers, at any given time.

This is handy for those who commute in only a few days out of the week, as they can grab whatever workstation happens to be open at the time, and get right down to work.

This also works well with the open concept culture that has now become a staple of many workplaces around the globe. Even with a full staff that spends 100% percent of their time at the company office, it’s healthy to be able to jump from location to location, in order to stave off that sense of monotony. 


Choosing office furniture that offers built-in electrical options is a wise investment, especially for a hybrid work environment. Employees who commute once, twice, or several times a week should have access to desking mechanisms with built-in electrical options, as most of their work will undoubtedly be housed on their laptop or tablet.

Nobody wants to spend time looking for an open outlet, or having to deal with an inopportune work area, in order to get the job done. fluidconcepts offers a plethora of desking and workstation products with a variety of electrical options, in order to make this process much more convenient for all of your workers.


The hybrid work model means that many chairs and desks will be left vacant during the course of particular days, and that can become a bit of a morale killer. After all, employees thrive within a corporate culture, where they can feel as if they’re part of something bigger. Those who commute all of the time may feel demoralized when they see empty seats the majority of the time.

The solution here is to choose workstation furniture options that can be stored away when not in use, and quickly deployed in just a minute or two, as needed. This can keep the workplace looking tight and efficient, and get rid of any negative impressions.

This is especially important for clients and other VIPs who are being given the grand tour of the facilities. The last thing they want to think is that all the employees are out for the day, and are not getting any work done. 


While the open office work concept has gained immense popularity in recent years, it always ran into conflict with workers who needed more privacy to do specific tasks. This has become an even greater concern since the pandemic, where most employees were forced to work in insolation, with nobody to talk to.

While it might be tempting to think that these workers are enthusiastic about getting back into an environment where they can interact with others, it’s not always that simple. Many workers might still be afraid of Covid-19, or feel a bit shy about interacting with human beings again, after so much separation.

It’s a good idea to choose office furniture that allows them a measure of privacy, and a sense of security. fluidconcepts’ Orbit Pods, for instance, were made to accommodate this type of situation. They contain a comfortable and secure workstation that can be opened up, or closed off, which is handy for those who need a distraction-free work environment.

Having this option at your disposal means giving your employees more flexibility as to how they work. It also makes the idea of returning to the corporate office much more attractive, since it can reduce the stress levels of apprehensive workers still afraid of catching Covid-19.


With employees spending more time at home, as opposed to the office, it’s always good to make sure that they return to the fold with something nice to look at. Generic office furniture rarely fits the style and décor of a particular company, and that can create a sense of disconnect with the staff.

fluidconcepts products come in a wide variety of colors, finishes and materials, all designed to allow companies to hand-pick the best combinations that suit their office.

The right furniture with the right look can create a welcoming return to the office for employees who may not always spend all their time in the office.

And who knows? It may just convince them to give up the home office for good, in favor of an environment bristling with energy, creativity, talent, and enthusiasm. 

For more information on how fluidconcepts can help you choose the right office furniture to accommodate a hybrid work environment, please contact us today. 

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