Why Touchdown Spaces Are a Winner in 2022

Modern employers view employee productivity and success as more than just putting in 40 hours a week with occasional overtime on top. In order to excel, the workplace requires spaces that encourage ideation, flexibility and productivity in equal measure. That’s why Touchdown Spaces continue to gain popularity around the globe.


A Touchdown Space is actually a variation on the Activity Based Working (ABW) model, and they take a non-linear approach to how teams work inside the office. These spaces tend to favor informality, which in turn allows employees to relax a little, and work under less pressure. At the same time, all the necessary amenities, including power and internet options, can be utilized instantly to take care of specific tasks.


Today’s Touchdown Spaces greatly favor technology as a principal component of operation. Employees are generally equipped with company laptops or tablets which are used to do the bulk of work, thereby eliminating the need for traditionally bulky, static workstations and cubicles.

This has a two-pronged effect. First, it embraces modern workspace design philosophy, which can be wedded to things like open concept office design. Second, it gives employees a sense of vibrancy and enjoyment, allowing them to move about freely from one area to the other, in order to keep things fresh. 


Touchdown Spaces are modular in design, and there’s no one specific right way to make them work. Rather, employers should examine their workspace, then analyze their employee roster to determine their specific needs and desires. As is typically the case with modular workspaces, care will need to be taken to ensure that disorder does not erupt on the office floor due to bad design.

For instance, a Touchdown Space can have lounge furniture that allows employees to relax with a cup of coffee, whilst tackling everyday tasks, but it’s equally important to section off other spaces for those who require more privacy, such as during important phone calls.


Those who benefit most from Touchdown Spaces tend to be employees who are not always at their desks. When one worker exits the space, another worker may take advantage of the vacancy in order to do work. This allows for greater flexibility, since all employees are capable of utilizing individual spaces at any given time. 

Many employers make the mistake of confusing these kinds of spaces with modular workstations. While the premise is similar, they are different in many aspects. The modular workstation can be set up and torn down in order to accomplish specific tasks, but a Touchdown Space takes an eagle-eyed approach to office workspace flexibility.


Choosing the right furniture for a Touchdown Space involves identifying the various nooks and areas you wish to employ within your company office. Private areas can be outfitted with booth and workstation options, such as fluidconcepts’ own OrbitPods, which have become extremely popular with businesses seeking a flexible, modular approach to privacy.

Similarly, other Touchdown Spaces may focus more on handling a lot of activity at once, in which case modular desking options may be the right approach. Standing desks in particular are great ways to encourage employee mobility, while maintaining a sense of energy. 


A Touchdown Space tend to include the following necessities:

  • Docking and charging stations for laptops and tech devices
  • Ergonomic office furniture, including flexible desking options
  • Necessary printer/scanner/copier options
  • A strong, secure and reliable wireless connection

Keeping these core fundamentals in mind, companies can craft their own spaces that cater to their specific employees. This is great both for workers who commute regularly to the office, as well as those who split their work time with a home-based office. 

It also takes into account the needs of a technology-driven workforce, and the freedoms that come with it. Employees can do work from multiple areas around the office, including specific Touchdown Spaces, but they must be equipped with the right amenities in order to stay efficient. The last thing any employee wants is to scour the office looking for a laptop charger, which can waste a lot of valuable time.

If you wish to set up a Touchdown Space in your office, it helps to identify the key factors that will maximize its efficiency with your team. If you’re unsure where to start, we invite you to speak to us at fluidconcepts, so that we can determine the best path forward for your team. Contact us today!

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