The Complete Guide to Office Protective Screens

As offices gradually return to pre-pandemic form, safety remains a top priority. After years of following health protocols, the public has developed a heightened sensitivity towards what constitutes proper public safety measures – and what does not.

At this stage of the “new normal,” there is more that offices can do to encourage trust and confidence among employees and clients. 

In addition to following proper health protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, your office can invest in office protective screens, a physical barrier that helps facilitate social distancing while still allowing for interaction and collaboration between employees, clients, and visitors.

Use this guide to understand the different types of office protective screens, and how these safety measures can help protect your workplace.

Protective Counter Screens

Protective Counter Screens are direct barriers on desks and countertops and provide improved safety and distancing between employees, patients, and clients. 

Protective Counter Screens act as an instant fix for circumstances where clients and workers have to converse and interact across a desk or counter. 

These simple devices require little to no installation and are designed to be unobtrusive. Transparent screens allow for clear sightlines between both parties, while openings at the bottom of the screens allow documents or small objects to be passed through.

Universal Upmount Screens

Universal Upmount Screens create a direct physical barrier between employees, patients and clients using a single screen that allows for four different ways of mounting.

Universal Upmount Screens serve as a semi-permanent installment that blends in seamlessly into your workplace, agency or facility to create barriers that help uphold social distancing measures.

As their name implies, these screens can be implemented in a variety of ways in a professional environment. They can be mounted on tables, desks, counters, workstations, cubicles, and most any place or position. With their low-key appearance and simple design, Universal Upmount Screens can fit into any office environment.

Flag Screens

Flag Screens are freestanding post-centric screens that enable space division and physical protection. They are designed to resemble flag-equipped flagpoles that provide strategic coverage and protection without becoming overbearing enclosures.

As a refined solution to social distancing barriers in a professional context, these customized spatial protection units help distinguish their environments with sophistication and distinction. As such, they work discreetly as office protective screens that don’t call attention to themselves.

The versatility of Flag Screens allow them to be deployed in retail stores, gyms, seated waiting areas, hospitality, and restaurants.

Step Screens

Step Screens are rapid set-up partitions for use in existing benching, table, or open seating applications. They are meant to provide a safety barrier between two people seated at the same or adjoining table, instantly creating a semi-private quasi-cubicle space. 

As alluded to in their name, Step Screens are partitions that transition from a full-length protective screen and a half screen to be used above a table. Combined together, this office protective screen comfortably creates a walled partition between two people seated side by side.

Pop-Up Spaces and Freestanding Screens

Pop-up Spaces and Screens are rapid set-up and take-down walls and rooms that can be used for urgent, permanent, or temporary needs. Freestanding Screens can function on their own, or conjoin with other units to create Pop-Up Spaces. 

This ultra-fast contingency response booth is designed to serve as a vaccination and inoculation site that can be used in assessment centers, emergency shelters, disaster relief accommodations, and overflow hospitals and care.

The screen system can be hard or flex connected to make partitions and rooms or used independently with stands for easy mobility.

Scissor Screens

Scissor Screens are instantly deployable full-space divisions between desks and workstations that can be moved for easy convenience. They are used to physically separate a person working at a desk from another person seated next to them.

Scissor Screens are very similar to Step Screens except that their protection extends below the table top. They resemble full-size screens that extend upwards from the floor except for a “notch” that cuts into the screens near their midsection. 

MIX Screens

MIX Screens are highly customizable and configurable screens that can be deployed in a vast myriad of ways. These large office protective screens can be used to easily partition large rooms into smaller spaces.

These screens are distinguished by a contemporary design aesthetic that incorporates the use of translucent and opaque materials to provide differing levels of privacy. MIX Screens have an urbane look that adds to the professionalism of your workplace.

MIX Screens can be freestanding, hard connected, or variably connected together using a live hinge to create any angle.

Protective Booths

Protective Booths provide a protected space for workers and clients engaging in a healthcare screening, a transactional event, or in one-to-one interactional activities. 

Booths are available in Fixed or Mobile versions, and be either freestanding or connected.


Office protective screens are safety measures that can promote employee trust, increase morale, and reduce employee turnover. In short, they have become the price of doing business in the “new normal” of our post-lockdown society.

fluidconcepts is dedicated to providing the best solutions for workplace protection. We provide a wide range of protective screens and booths that help protect your employees, and give your workplace the confidence it needs to be at its best. 
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