Applying Universal Upmount Screens In The Workplace

As business begins to spin back up in the wake of a Covid-19 economic recovery period, many workers will be exiting their houses and heading back to the office. This is great news, but it’s also a time to be cautious, and take necessary steps to mitigate transmission of the virus between human beings.

Social distancing rules will be in effect until a vaccine is produced, and that means keeping the workplace safe for employees to run tasks. A separation between workers will be vital in keeping transmission low, which is where our Universal Upmount Screens come in.

These handy devices provide a physical barrier between employees, patients and clients with a single screen that prevents the spread of Covid-19 particles, and other airborne viruses. As the name suggests, these screens can be mounted universally in almost any situation, thanks to a number of different methods including Surface Mounting, Freestanding, Worksurface Mounting and Panel Mounting.

Surface Mounted screens can be secured to any surface with fasteners, while Freestanding screens come with a pair of 2” x 11” wide feet,allowing them to be placed on their own. This is great for desks, or situations where the screen needs to be ported to different areas. Worksurface Mounts are designed with static placement in mind, featuring clamps that fix the screen in place, while Panel Mounted screens are designed with a panels system in mind, and feature a similar clamping mechanism.

Universal Upmount Screens come in a multitude of heights ranging from 12” to 30”, and widths ranging from 24” to 72”. This allows you to choose the exact size most applicable to your office setup. You can also choose between the screen finish as well, including clear, frosted or opaque white, depending on privacy preferences. And finally, all Universal Mount Screens come in either U formation (no access hole) or A formation, with a 10” x 2.5” access hole – great for passing papers and other materials between workers without getting too close to transmit the virus.

Our screens can be used for a variety of applications ranging from simple sneeze guards and workstation barriers, to more complex setups such as kiosks, customer service for admitting tasks. As such, they’re beneficial across a multitude of different industries, including healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, airports, law enforcement and public service. Their versatile nature means they’re easy to set up, transport and chain together, depending on your preference.

In the end, human safety is the top priority, which is why Universal Upmount Screens are so beneficial. They don’t limit human interactivity; they merely provide a shield to protect one another from the COVID-19 pandemic. With 98% of all worldwide Coronavirus cases showing either mild or asymptomatic, many have been lulled into a false sense of security. Indeed, while your chances of contracting or dying from Coronavirus are exceedingly low, the risk is still present. Also, the workplace will be a hotspot for potential transmission, which means you could be an unknowing carrier of the disease who can transmit it to your friends and loved ones. “Safety First” is the best policy.

For more information on our Universal Upmount Screens, and how they can protect your employees while you get your business back up and running, contact us today!

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