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Screens & Booths

  • Flag Screens

    Fluidconcepts’ Flag Screens are freestanding post centric screens that enable space division and spatial protection for a multitude of environments including office, seating, public, healthcare and hospitality environments.
  • Pop-Up Spaces

    fluidconcepts' Pop-Up Space system offers rapid set-up and take-down walls, partitions and rooms for urgent , permanent or temporary needs. Anywhere walls and rooms are urgently needed quick and fast such as Vaccination Stations, Emergency Shelters, Disaster Relief Accommodations, and Overflow Hospitals and Care..
  • Protective Booths

    fluidconcepts Healthcare and Protective booths provide a protected space for workers and clients for healthcare screening, transactional, and one to one interactional  activities.
  • Protective Desk Screens

    Personal protection in the workplace has never been more important. fluidconcepts protective desk and counter screens provide a direct barrier between employees and patients or clients.
  • Scissor Screen

    fluidconcepts Scissor Screens provide rapid full space division between desks and workstations. The screens
    can be positioned into existing workstations via a ‘notch’ in the screen.
  • Step Screens

    Fluidconcepts’ Step Screens offer rapid set-up partitions for use in existing benching, table or open seating applications.
  • Universal Upmount Screens

    Personal protection in the workplace has never been more important. Fluidconcepts' Upmount Screens provide a direct physical barrier between employees,patients and clients using one screen with four different ways to mount—Surface Mounted, Freestanding, Worksurface Mounted, and Panel Mounted.
  • MIX Screens

    MIX Screens are an incredible collection of screens which are highly customizable and configurable.