Using Furniture to Create a Collaborative Space

Technology has changed the way employees work in the modern age, yet it hasn’t driven them apart. In fact, the modern workplace is far more collaborative than ever, thanks to specialized spaces that encourage interaction and teamwork. The key for companies is to know how to tap into this phenomenon, and leverage it for the betterment of their bottom line.

Collaborative workspaces have effectively done away with traditional walls and cubicles that permeated much of the workscape for so long. Nowadays, companies are doing their research, and investing in the right office builds and furniture that help inspire employees to work together. Thankfully, it’s much easier to design and execute a collaborative workspace, simply by following a few key tips.

Why collaborative spaces?

It’s important to first understand what collaborative spaces bring to the table in terms of productivity. In hindsight, most companies relied on specific meeting rooms in order to gather teams, discuss ideas, and move forward with a game plan. Research has shown that familiar and comfortable surroundings can take an employee’s mindset out of the daily grind, and help foster a sense of optimism, thereby leading to greater productivity. In a relaxed environment, teammates are more likely to conjure up more effective ideas, share them with others, and feel more connected to their roles. 

What is a collaborative space?

A collaborative space is essentially a mix between office furniture, and office layout. When combined, the space feels more inviting and relaxing, making it feel more like a home away from home, as opposed to just a regular job. Typically, companies opt for open plan workspaces that do away with artificial barriers, allowing everyone to feel part of a bigger operation. This can have its drawbacks, however, which is why it’s important to choose the right office furniture to compliment the layout. 

For instance, employers need to recognize the individual needs of their employees, including their work habits and personal nature. Some employees thrive in a bustling, kinetic environment, while others require solace in order to concentrate. Choosing the right office furniture can help balance out the needs of employees, without leaning too far to either side. This allows the open concept office design to remain intact, while still catering to the individual needs of particular employees. 

What are the advantages of a collaborative space?

Collaborative spaces can work wonders when it comes to employee morale, fostering a sense of optimism and happiness. Employers should strive to create a welcoming environment that speaks volumes about the company’s culture, and how it values each employee. By forging a strong sense of community, employees become more proactive, enthusiastic and optimistic. It’s never a good idea to isolate employees from one another, as lack of face time can lead to unfamiliarity, and a sense of distrust.

However, the biggest advantage of a collaborative space is the amount of productivity it can bring to a workplace. The more optimistic and energized employees feel, the more likely they are to double down on their work, and enjoy doing so. The objective is to make each worker feel like they are part of a shared goal, and that their contributions really matter. When employees feel like a vital component of the company culture, as opposed to just another cog in the proverbial machine, they’re far more likely to come up with creative and inventive ideas and solutions to help propel the business forward. 

What office furniture should you choose?

As mentioned earlier, the correct office furniture is required for a collaborative space to work. fluidconcepts has thoroughly analyzed the market for a collaborative office, and we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach simply will not do. In order to get the most out of a workspace, employees need options. Here are a few that we recommend.

Orbit Workstations and OrbitPods

These revolutionary furniture products blend simplicity with style, and efficiency. Not only are they an excellent complement to a fashionable workspace, but they adhere to the notion of a collaborative space through their unique design. 

Orbit Workstations are modular, and can be set up in any workspace in order to maximize productivity. They’re deceptively simple in approach, giving employees privacy where needed, without segregating them from the rest of the office. 

Similarly, OrtbitPods allow for workers to enclose themselves in a contained unit for maximum privacy and concentration, when required. Their unique hinge design allows each OrbitPod to be opened up, giving workers flexibility when it comes to how they wish to work.

Qi Benching

Rustic, yet luxurious, our Qi Benching systems are perfect for collaborative workspaces where an open concept design is valued. They come in a variety of finishes, leg and storage options, and they can even be outfitted with electrical systems for devices such as laptops and tablets. To allow employees to concentrate, each Qi Benching system comes with desktop dividers in a variety of materials, such as fabric, softscape, whiteboard and optical acrylics. Each system can be individually customized to fit particular office decor and employee work habits.

Hybrid Post & Beam

For collaborative spaces that require a bit more in terms of privacy and concentration, our Hybrid Post & Beam systems are an excellent choice. The philosophy behind the design equates to form, functionality, fluidity and fresh thinking. The result is a set of office furniture that redefines the modern office. 

Hybrid Post & Beam systems utilize a single versatile square post and beam system to craft a variety of workstation options to suit your teams. With so much customization on hand, companies can craft the ultimate collaborative office by deciding on height, how to cluster and orient workstations, and whether power and wire management options will be needed. All this, without boxing employees in, and robbing them of the benefits that a collaborative space provides.


These are just a few of the furniture options available to create the ultimate collaborative office space. fluidconcepts works with each company on an individual basis in order to determine the best products for a particular workspace, and we invite you to contact us and plan out yours. By leveraging the right layout and the right office furniture, your company can experience unparalleled productivity, and a much more positive work environment, all thanks to a functional collaborative space. 
Businesses looking to upgrade their office with well-designed furniture can rely on fluidconcepts to solve all your workplace solutions! Browse our wide inventory of products, or read through our blog section for more information.

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