Handy Tips For Buying An Office Desk

Office desks are the meat and potatoes of any great workspace, and there are plenty to choose from. With so many options available, it can be hard to figure out which type to go with. Thankfully, choosing a great office desk requires relying on a few basic criteria before making an informed decision.

The key is to balance desk sizing with functionality and versatility, particularly as it pertains to your available office space. The best desks will compliment your office and help streamline operations, while the worst will actually hamper your ability to get things done.


Every office design operates within space limitations, and it’s important to calculate square footage before deciding to deck out the area with desk options. It’s always wise to leave a little more space when calculating how much desks will take up, to guarantee easy navigation around the office. 

Similarly, it’s good to take into account other items that will need to be deployed as well, including printers, storage cabinets and the like. That way, there won’t be any unexpected problems on the day of installation.


Obviously, it’s wise to pay close attention to desk sizes, and how they relate to your office space. It might be tempting to go large, but that can hamper foot traffic, and cramp up the office to such a degree that it becomes a hindrance. 

The best desks aren’t the biggest, but rather, the most efficient and versatile. Modular desking options in particular are huge hits with companies who don’t want to clog up the office with too much furniture, yet still want to max out workplace efficiency. This philosophy is the heart and soul of fluidconcepts’ own product line, which stresses the need for functionality, as well as aesthetics.

Larger desks may offer more space to put things, but they also gobble up available square footage in a remarkably short space of time. Therefore, choosing smaller desks that better compliment the office, yet contain bells and whistles such as storage options are the best bet.


Every office has a different design and layout based on certain criteria. For instance, open office spaces tend to focus a lot on bustle and foot traffic in order to maintain a cooperative and positive buzz. Therefore, stacking the area with many large desks won’t be an appropriate approach. 

Don’t neglect the decor, either. Desking options are available in a multitude of colours and material finishes, many of which can complement your office design. The same goes for artwork and other types of decor. If possible, start with your office’s company colours, migrate out to desks, and then finish off the look and feel of the workspace with artwork that compliments both.


Naturally, companies will need to take budget into account, as well. This presents an opportunity to make some solid business decisions that will keep costs down, while vastly increasing productivity. It might be tempting to go for a super-expensive cherry wood executive desk, but you may miss out on the advantages of a modular desking option that can vastly increase workplace productivity.

Similarly, it pays to save money wherever possible, and re-invest it back into the business where needed. fluidconcepts prides itself on offering some of the best-looking office desks around, but our modular approach is what really counts. It’s the best of both worlds, at a much more affordable price.


Modular desking options allow for a plethora of possibilities. Our desking and workstation options focus heavily on giving businesses more than one option when it comes to laying out an office. Better yet, many of them come equipped with all the things you need to maximize productivity, including built-in electrical and internet connectivity options.

For more information on how fluidconcepts’ desks can improve the workflow and navigation of your office, please contact us directly. We’ll help you choose the right desks to fit your current space, while accommodating future business growth.

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