The Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture goes a long way towards employee morale, and overall quality of health. Office workers can especially benefit from having the right kinds of products in the workplace that help combat some of the strains of a sedentary job. 

There’s more than one area to consider when shopping for a range of ergonomic office products, and it doesn’t just stop at the obvious ones. Here are a few items to consider for your workplace.


For those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, wrist and hand health is a concern. Some may eventually develop carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis due to prolonged use of mice or keyboards that don’t encourage good habits. 

Laptop users should also keep their health in mind, and invest in an adjustable stand. These items can help elevate the angle of a laptop, which is especially good for writers who don’t want to be locked into an uncomfortable typing angle. Many laptop stands feature ventilated and grilled surfaces that allow the heat to vent, decreasing overall temperature, while ensuring that hardware components are operating at peak efficiency.


Contoured and ergonomic office chairs are one of the first lines of defense against poor health at the office. The approach here should be to choose chairs that encourage proper posture throughout the work day, while providing back and lumbar support. The cushions should be well padded and reinforced with breathable mesh and a tension seat. Although that usually comes with a higher price tag attached, it’s well worth the investment.

Consider chairs with contoured and adjustable armrests, so that employees of different heights and body types can fine-tune their own needs and comfort. And finally, don’t forget to remind employees that good quality office chairs do come with a break-in period, which means the comfort should actually increase over a short period of time.


fluidconcepts carries a large array of height-adjustable office desks for both individual use, and team-based setups. They can be configured in multiple different layout options to accommodate your workspace, and the size of your team. Adding more employees to the mix involves merely adding another module.

The key here is height adjustability, which prevents employees from having to slump over, depending on their body size. This can lead to better sitting posture, and a more comfortable and relaxing work experience. Other height adjustable desks encourage employees to actually sit up straight, in order to increase blood flow, and cardiovascular health. These are great options for a more health-conscious work environment.


We’re proud of our Orbit Workstation Pods, which offer some of the most amazing ergonomics in the industry. Deploying these Pods in your workplace is remarkably simple, and there are countless options when it comes to deciding how, and where. The main attraction of the Orbit Workstation Pod lies in its versatility. They can even be connected together to form multi-module workstation clusters that can scale according to your company’s growth.

Teardown and redeployment is as simple as can be, meaning the Orbit Workstation Pods can easily be moved to another area of the workplace, and reconfigured on the spot, for ease of use. The ergonomic design allows companies to decide exactly how they want them to look, and operate within a space. This, combined with the ergonomic office furniture products listed above, are capable of creating the ultimate healthy environment for your workers.

Ergonomics is about more than just health. It’s about maximizing the workplace to be as streamlined, efficient, and comfortable as possible. All the elements play into one another, and the right balance can go a long way towards boosting morale, and productivity inside your company.  

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