How to Choose the Right Conference Table for Your Boardroom

Conference tables are an indispensable business tool that are found in every boardroom. They serve as the heart of an office where the most important activities take place: hosting meetings, exchanging information, and making agreements. 

Since they are an essential part of every business, it makes all the more sense that your office has one. But which one should you get?

Choosing a boardroom table is an important task, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Read through this checklist to determine how to choose the right conference table for your boardroom. 

1. Room size

The main consideration to make when choosing a conference table for your boardroom is the size of the boardroom itself. 

The boardroom needs to adequately accommodate the conference table it hosts inside. There should be ample walking space around the table to allow meeting members to freely move around. As well, the conference table needs to remain the focus of the room by being the room’s largest piece of furniture.

To achieve these goals, choose a large room inside of which can comfortably fit a conference table. Consider your conference table’s size relative to the room size, and not on its own. 

Unfortunately, these conditions signify that the smallest of rooms aren’t suitable to host a conference table; try to take this into consideration when choosing an office space and planning your office layout.

2. Seating

A boardroom table is unique from other kinds of tables in that the conditions for seating arrangement is more important than those for surface area and function. This means that even though boardroom tables need to be designed for signing papers on its surface, a higher priority needs to be made for the VIPs that will be seated around it. 

Make a proper seating arrangement that can comfortably seat all your guests. Provide enough elbow room for each seating area, but keep them close enough together to allow for collaboration.

By complementing a smart seating plan with an impressive set of chairs, your conference table will be ready to welcome any kind of guest.

3. AV requirements 

To meet the needs of invited guests and meeting participants, your conference room table needs to be equipped with proper audio-visual connections. You need to provide a professional environment that can easily facilitate the technical requirements of your guests in order to make collaboration as smooth as possible. 

Your conference table should be equipped with electrical outlets, USB ports and other AV connections to allow someone to instantly connect a laptop and project a presentation onto a large viewing screen. Look for tables with covered openings that can accommodate these connections.

With many offices switching to a hybrid setup, technological requirements have become a priority in meeting rooms in order to balance the digital experience with live experiences. In order to bring more people into the meeting room, boardroom tables need to incorporate table-mounted cameras; this will broaden your reach to people not seated at the table.

4. Design aesthetic

In addition to practical concerns, your conference table needs to impress visitors at first glance. As the centerpiece to the most important room of your office, a conference table needs to project your accomplishments and professionalism. It is a symbol of your brand, and should inspire trust and respect from everyone who sits at it.

You need a meeting table with a design aesthetic that fits well with your office decor and looks good on its own. For these reasons, consider using the Edge Executive Meeting Table for your meeting room. 

Edge Tables feature contemporary styling and smart detailing that command attention. These tables are designed with beveled frames and are complemented by two-toned color combinations, resulting in an appearance that exudes durability and strength.

Give your company the advantage it needs in the boardroom with a stylishly designed meeting table.

5. Cost

As the final consideration for choosing a meeting table, you need a conference table that falls within your budget. Because there isn’t a maximum limit on what you can spend, you need to arrange your priorities to discover what is most important to you so that you can decide if are willing to pay for it.

For a professional conference table that won’t break the bank, consider fluidconcepts’ Sophi Table.

Sophi Tables are elegant, modular tables that are perfect for the office, boardroom or meeting space. Owing to their variance in style and stylistic flourishes, Sophi Tables are highly adaptable and easy to set up and configure.

Additionally, our product lineup includes oval-inspired meeting tables, minimalist meeting tables, and circular conference tables. No matter your office needs, you’ll be able to find your solutions at fluidconcepts!

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