Edge Executive Meeting Tables: Confidence For Your Boardroom

By its nature, an office redesign needs to impress, motivate, and support efficiency and technology. It needs to clearly demonstrate the values of your brand. You only have one chance at a first impression, and it should impact everyone who walks through your doors.

As important as renovations are to this process, there is one element that stands above the rest when it comes to inspiring your clients and guests. As it were, it’s a piece of furniture.

Elegance & Functionality

When considering all the ways to upgrade your workplace, it is essential that you equip your boardroom with a well-designed meeting table. It needs to radiate confidence and motivate trust. It needs to complement your office in tone and formality. Its importance is demonstrated by a versatility that can entertain clients one day, and host serious discussions the next.

By all accounts, a meeting table is the key component to your office because it’s the primary place where you will conduct business with your clients. High profile face-to-face meetings are conducted here; it’s the location for all your important negotiations, company planning, and meetings. What’s more, as the largest piece of furniture in your conference room, it needs to be distinctive and compelling.

To make an indelible first impression of the highest order, your boardroom needs to be equipped with the most effective and aesthetic meeting table you can find. And, at fluidconcepts, we have your solution.

Edge Executive Meeting Tables

Edge Executive Meeting Tables are the answer that meets the needs of your discriminating conference room. Beautifully designed and meticulously crafted, Edge meeting tables are ideal for small or large meeting spaces as well as private offices.

Edge Tables command respect and attention with their contemporary styling and smart detailing. Our tables are beautifully designed with triangular aluminum legs and beveled frames that provide a look of light elegance. Their two-toned colour combinations establish a formal atmosphere that exudes durability and strength.

As with many fluidconcepts products, Edge Executive Meeting Tables are available in different configurations to meet the needs of our clients. Available height options include desk height (29″) or standing height (42″), while table lengths can extend up to 120″ (10 feet).

Supporting technology with our tables is also important. fluidconcepts offers a multitude of options including in, above, or hidden surface power modules along with interfaces for USB, audio and video, and computer inputs. We will also specifically design a solution for clients to support their technology meeting room needs.

Edge Executive Meeting Tables make a lasting impression on your clients. They raise the status of your boardrooms and give your business the respect it deserves. If you’re looking for an outstanding meeting table for your workplace, consider these tables to be your top option.

If that wasn’t enough, fluidconcepts also offers a selection of other meeting tables that can equally satisfy the needs of our demanding clients.

Sophi Tables & More

Sophi Tables are elegant, modular tables that are perfect for the office, boardroom or meeting space. Owing to their variance in style and stylistic flourishes, Sophi Tables are highly adaptable. The Sophi features die-cast aluminum legs connected to a modular aluminum frame, making them easy to set up and configure.

Additionally, our product lineup includes oval-inspired meeting tables, minimalist meeting tables, and even circular conference tables. No matter your office needs, you’ll be able to confidently find your office solutions at fluidconcepts!

For more information on Edge Executive Meeting Tables, please refer to our website.

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