How To Design A High Performance Workplace

A great office needs great furniture to complement the space, and there’s a lot of things to consider before making the move to purchase. At fluidconcepts, we’re always excited at the prospect of bringing comfort, style and productivity to the workplace, via our furniture options. We suggest adhering to these quick tips so you can be sure that you’re ready to make the most informed purchasing decisions for the benefit of your workplace, and your employees.


It’s very important to take this first step before deciding on which office furniture products to buy. A budget with a maximum threshold will immediately set a bar, and help you work within it. Perhaps you’ll meet your quota of items, and still have money left over for some extra furniture products to spruce up the office. Alternatively, you may decide that it’s worth holding off until a later date, when finances are in order. Either way, establishing a red-line in the sand when it comes to budgeting is a crucial step before purchasing.


At fluidconcepts, we carry office furniture with a highly modular and versatile approach. This way, our products can be deployed in a myriad of office environments and types, whether it’s open concept, or more traditional style. Even so, think about what you want your office furniture to accomplish within each space. Determine how the office is supposed to operate, and you’ll be in a great position to start hand-picking the right furniture products to make that a reality. Consider everything, from electrical and data needs, to furniture products that help inspire employees to be healthy. Each space has its own purpose.


Our office furniture products were designed with multiple material types and colours in mind, so that any business can customize them according to brand guidelines. Before diving in, make sure you brush up on your own company colours, design motifs and other traits that help make you what you are. That way, you’ll immediately be able to spot and identify which office furniture products are the best for your space. 


Office furniture is one thing, but laying it out is quite another. You may have the perfect idea in your head for how to lay out your space, but it’s always wise to consult your interior designer, if you have one on hand. They can identify potential problem areas of your office that you may not have spotted, be it a support column, or a nearby vent. There’s also other things to consider, such as electrical outlets, fire exits and other safety-related protocols. Once your interior designer analyzes your space, put them to work and have them lay out your office furniture accordingly.


The recent pandemic has reignited a sense of concern when it comes to working in close quarters workspaces, and even when it’s over, many will be apprehensive about going back to work. Until the germ phobia runs its course, it’s wise to invest in office furniture products that offer a degree of separation and protection for those who need it. The great thing about fluidconcepts’ furniture products is that they are multi-purpose in design. Even when the threat of the pandemic is over, there are still many useful ways to utilize their perks for the betterment of your workplace.

If you’ve checked all the boxes on this list, then congratulations! You’re ready to start selecting the office furniture products for your workspace. Don’t be afraid to contact us directly, so that we can work with you and help you decide which of our items are going to make the biggest splash in your updated office space.

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