How to Create an Office Environment that Retains Talent

Retaining key talent is an especially vital component of today’s employment sector, particularly in the wake of the recent pandemic. Changes in corporate culture were already giving rise to workplaces that were designed to attract, set, and maintain this talent, but the race is heating up. 

The correct mixture of elements needed to retain workplace talent isn’t particularly hard to achieve, but it does require foresight, planning and proper execution. Employees must identify with the company’s internal culture, work ethic and approach. Similarly, they need to feel appreciated for the job they do, in order to give more for the sake of the company.

Arming your company with knowledge about how to set up an office environment that speaks to the hearts of employees is an invaluable goal that pays dividends, year over year. With a few simple suggestions, your key employees will resist the temptation to migrate to a competitor, or pursue another career path.

  1. Updating your company’s internal policies

Depending on the company in question, and the type of work being done, certain policies may either be relaxed, or revised in order to create a more attractive atmosphere. Owners and management should seek to re-evaluate their policies on a consistent basis, in order to stay current with workplace trends, and the ever-changing nature of employees. Naturally, this does not mean companies are required to bow to the whims and demands of their staff, but it does open up opportunities to create cultural bridges inside the workplace. 

For instance, are current dress codes truly necessary for the type of work being done, or can they be relaxed to create a more relaxed atmosphere? Are your company’s work hours too rigid and intractable, or can they be softened to accommodate employees who may wish to come in earlier, or work later? Are pets allowed, which may add a therapeutic benefit and a morale boost to the workplace? Which internal company policies are considered one-size-fits-all, and which can be treated à la carte? By asking these questions and evaluating existing standards, companies can strike a potential gold mine when it comes not only to retaining top talent, but also attracting more.

  1. Maximize the health benefits of a workplace

Mental health and wellness is gaining immense traction as a must-have for most workplaces, and the benefits far outweigh the investments. The workplace needs to be an attractive alternative to the home, since employees spend a lot of time there. Day in and day out, top talent needs to feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and motivated to do a great job. The secret to achieving this isn’t very difficult, and relies mostly on some pre-planning, common sense, and a willingness to do a little redecorating.

First instance, workplaces should focus heavily on natural light wherever possible. Studies have shown that it can have a huge impact on the well-being of employees. The same goes for biophilic design, such as trees, plants and a conservative application of the colour green in certain spots. The workplace shouldn’t feel like a cold, mechanized corporate factory loaded with fluorescent light, but rather, a pleasant home away from home, where the work gets done.

  1. Give employees some say in the matter

 Employees no longer want to feel as if they’re simply cogs in a machine with no say in how they work. Therefore, it’s important that employers find a way to balance a healthy give and take system – with a few ground rules in place – in order to retain their talent. For instance, employees like the idea of detaching from their desks, and working in other areas of the office, just as they enjoy being able to remote in from a home office if possible. By adjusting and balancing these options, productivity can soar.

It’s also worth taking a look at the various jobs and responsibilities each department has, and determining if there’s any flexibility to be had there, as well. When it comes to things like brainstorming, planning and collaboration, teams need the right materials and options in place to get the most out of their day. 

  1. Rely on technology as a power tool, not a crutch

A big problem many companies face is the inability to leverage technology in an optimal manner. No one employee wants to face a deluge of Emails, when they can instead rely on a properly automated content management system or an order tracker. Similarly, the ability to employ the use of Slack, and other team-based messaging apps should not be used as a crutch to figure out what’s going on from moment A, to moment B. 

Proper use of technology means having someone there who can streamline it properly. If the systems are bogged down with inefficiencies and bloated procedures, everyone suffers. This can have a devastating impact on performance, especially for talented key employees with high stress jobs. The more redundancies they’re forced to deal with, the more their impression of a company can turn sour.

By taking the time to give your workplace an eagle-eyed evaluation, you can create the right atmosphere that will put smiles of enthusiasm on the faces of your most talented employees. That goes a long way to retaining them for the long run, which will further benefit your company’s bottom line. Eventually, all employees will move on to bigger and better things, but being able to retain the best of the best for 5 years, as opposed to 1 or 2 years, can make a huge difference in how your company grows, and how fast. 

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