Back To Basics – Designing A Minimalist Office Space

Without a sense of direction, workplaces can quickly spiral out of control, creating chaos and confusion where there should be order and efficiency. That’s why many companies opt for a contemporary approach, scaling back their office spaces with a minimalist approach that is big on function, and light on everything else.

The advantages to a minimalist workplace are huge, and they offer a degree of versatility that can benefit both existing, as well as new employees. When done right, a minimalist office will stress the importance of being lean and efficient, as opposed to unkempt and aimless. Here are some tips to create the ultimate minimalist office space for your company’s operations.


These days, technology has made it easier than ever to conduct business, but in order to maximize its efficiency, business owners should be choosy about which tech items they want to make use of. Fax machines and photocopiers are largely antiquated in today’s workforce, although some companies may still have use for them. If your business is capable of using an alternative method (ie. email or paperless), then there’s no sense cluttering the office with products you don’t need.

Scaling down tech means taking advantage of what tech giants have brought to the world of business. Trading in large desktop workstations for lightweight, portable laptops and tablets can instantly change your game. The less bulk around the office, the more the space can be opened up, creating a feel of futuristic efficiency.


Modular-inspired office furniture can be a real benefit to a minimalist office, primarily due to the myriad ways these products can be deployed. This type of office furniture is capable of fitting most workspaces, and can even be torn down and redeployed elsewhere, as your business grows. 

fluidconcepts has made it our mission to supply businesses with the best modular office furniture, designed from the ground up to fit with any space, and decor style. The objective is to revolutionize the concept of functionality, while streamlining each office furniture product to work more efficiently. Minimalist spaces depend largely on office furniture that looks great, while providing unique bells and whistles that benefit the company’s operations. That’s as true for our desking options as it is for our modular locker options.


Minimalism means keeping things very simple, and there’s a certain charm in eschewing the flamboyant favor of this approach. Minimalist office designs tend to favor more conservative design styles that are straightforward, yet very classy. However, a minimalist office can quickly become stagnant without the right decor to spruce things up. This is where you can focus on potted plants for a green energy vibe, as well as tasteful artwork housed in affordable wall frames. Minimalist offices tend not to favor bright and flashy objects, up to and including the “World’s Greatest Boss” mug, but that’s more subjective, and up to each company to decide for themselves. It’s easy to slide down a slippery slope when decorating a minimalist office, which is why balance should always be at the forefront of the design phase.


There’s no sense having a minimalist office if all the items within are strewn about, haphazardly. Take the time to compartmentalize various items around the office so that they’re all stored in easy-to-find (and reach) locations. For instance, books and stationery can be stored on a simple and stylish shelf, whereas pens, pencils and paper can be stored in a convenient locker or cabinet.

The trick with compartmentalization is to stick to it, as humans have a habit of getting complacent over time. The objective of a minimalist office is to keep that clean and efficient look throughout the day, so if you happen to spot something out of place, make sure to put it back where it belongs. That way, you and your employees will develop a disciplined culture that simultaneously keeps the office space looking fresh and inviting. 


Minimalist office spaces don’t have to be boring. In fact, the best ones look absolutely lively and refreshing, which is the point. Nobody likes a mess, and even the most functional office spaces could probably do with a bit of streamlining. By taking everything back to basics, companies can figure out which things are necessary, and which can be jettisoned in favor of a smoother business dynamic.

Don’t forget to pepper your minimalist office space with a bit of your company’s culture, as well. No two spaces need to look alike, but the subtlety in which you add flair and distinction to your minimalist workplace will dictate whether it looks unique and hip. Be creative, while always recognizing the bigger picture, and your minimalist office space will quickly become the talk of your industry.

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