How to Choose Furniture for an Office Reception Area

First impressions mean everything. For your office, this means that your reception area is your best opportunity to make an impactful impression on your clients. As the front window to your business, you’ll want to invest in furniture that properly presents your business as being professional and worthy of trust.

In order to provide a welcome that your guests won’t soon forget, here’s a compilation of the most desirable traits you’ll want when choosing furniture for your reception area.

1. Attractive

Render your guests wordless with stunning furniture that captures their attention. Your reception area needs attractive furniture that makes any wait into a pleasant experience. And, as the largest piece of furniture in the room, you’ll want a reception desk that concisely encapsulates the professionalism and high standards of your business.

For a reception desk that inspires conversation, consider our Curved & Stepped Reception Station. This fetching, wood-textured reception desk commands attention with its sweeping, half-circle structure that boldly asserts confidence and authority. It features raised shelves at each of its ends for a majestic symmetry that rightfully focuses attention on your front desk personnel. This desk is a popular choice that looks magnificent, and is best for offices that want to project power and status.

2. Inviting

Above everything else, you want every guest that walks into your office to feel welcome. Your reception area needs to provide an friendly and personable atmosphere that is conducive to making business. For this reason, your reception area furniture should be warm and inviting.

As the right tool for the job, our Casegoods Reception Desk can achieve this for your office. This agreeable, two-tone desk exudes a gregarious persona that turns every greeting into a pleasant one. This desk features a raised mini-counter that is ideal for resting elbows and facilitating pleasantries, making it a great place to hold casual conversations. By warming up the atmosphere of your reception area, this desk makes for a worthy addition to your office.

3. Functional 

As much as your office reception impresses with its looks, so too should it impress with its practical design. This requires reception area furniture that provides real-world benefits that make it dependable and easy to work with. As such, your clients will love using it as much as your employees.

To meet all these demands, consider fluidconcepts’ enclosed oval reception desk. Ideal for open spaces, this reception desk can serve customers in a complete arc that extends a full 360 degrees. Marked with metallic highlights and available in two colors, this reception desk can serve a multitude of customers at the same time, making it as practical as it is esthetically pleasing.

4. Space Planning 

Businesses are only provided spaces they can afford, and not what we deserve. In the face of space restrictions, your reception area may be smaller than you’d like. And yet, this does not have to mean that you have to compromise when constructing a proper welcome for your office.

To make the most of your space, try outfitting your office with this reception desk from fluidconcepts. Equally economical and valuable, this front desk makes a big impression with its small stature. Elegantly rounded and exquisitely topped with a glass counter, this two-toned, rounded reception desk looks much larger than it appears, and will instill admiration in your guests.

5. Forward-Thinking Design

fluidconcepts makes no apologies when it comes to our efforts to create top, innovative designs for modern offices around the world. We pride ourselves on making office furniture that serves a purpose in the mind and the soul, thereby living up to our goal of becoming the leading provider of today’s office solutions. That’s why when it comes to reception desks, we aren’t satisfied with anything but the very best.

It’s with this in mind that fluidconcepts has created this Casegoods Reception Desk. Regally poised at the entrance to your office, this commanding reception desk will impress with its serene symmetry and contemplative colors. This desk offers no shortage of service with its wide counters and balanced end tables, evoking feelings of grandeur and luxury.

fluidconcepts offers a wide variety of ‘open line’ standard and premium finishes and materials which makes customizing reception stations easy and consistent with the spatial design intent. We encourage the use of a wide variety of materials including environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

We’re passionate about making design-driven and creative reception stations. We offer curved or straight design, or anywhere in between.

Are you looking for an impressive reception desk to welcome your guests in your reception area? Browse our wide selection of reception desks, or contact us today to find out how we can help upgrade your office!

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