Choosing The Right Carrel System For Your Office

Carrels are best defined as tables with enclosures or partition systems designed for multiple people to sit at, while still retaining individual privacy so they can focus on specific tasks. fluidconcepts offers a variety of carrel systems for the workplace, each designed with a different application in mind. When set up correctly, Carrels can serve as invaluable tools for sales centers, tech support call groups and study areas. Here’s a breakdown of our Carrel systems to give you more insight as to which are best for your office.

Standard Carrels

Simple, straightforward and elegant, our standard Carrels systems come in a variety of options and styles. Our Carrel Office Desks can be used for multi-person setups which are great for collaborative teams who need to work in close proximity to one another. Many of our Carrel Office Desks are designed with flexibility in mind when it comes to choosing how many alcoves are required, whether they are linear or back-to-back, and whether secondary items such as item drawers are required. These Carrels are designed with a degree of privacy in mind, without isolating individual workers.

Angled Carrels

Open concept workspaces can benefit greatly from Angled Carrels which are quite different in application and intention as opposed to Standard Carrels. These systems allow for placement against the wall, specifically a corner of the office which can be sectioned off to allow for greater space. This allows traffic to move freely to and fro throughout the office, which maximizes available space. From there, companies may decide to set down other furniture such as office desks or even Standard Carrels to incorporate more people within the same space. Our Angled Carrels also offer a high degree of storage space thanks to overhead cabinets and drawers.

Hybrid Carrels

Some may wish to blend the convenience of a Carrel system with a traditional office desk, which is where Hybrid Carrels come in. These robust systems are designed with a greater degree of autonomy and privacy than a Standard Carrel system, without impacting available office space with a large footprint. A full-fledged drawer system allows employees to store items with ease, while the generous partition system allows them to focus on their work to a much greater degree. Hybrid Carrels are perfect for center-stage workspaces, as well as teams who need to be in close proximity to one another in order to keep projects and deliverables moving efficiently.

Library & Reception Carrels

Similar to Standard Carrels, Library variants are perfect for study spaces where people can freely sit down and access information, or focus on their own particular tasks. As the name suggests, they are well-suited to high traffic areas where people come and go freely. The design of Library Carrels includes less privacy than other Carrel systems in our lineup, which means they’re better for more casual activities such as internet browsing or light reading. They can even be set up in break areas to provide a little escapism in between work hours. They may also be paired with Reception Carrels in the event that a supervisor or assistant may be required on site to keep tabs on things. Reception Carrels may also be used in smaller office reception areas, as well.

Orbit – Curved Carrels

Without a doubt the most stylish and versatile of our Carrel systems is the Orbit Curved line. Striking, contemporary aesthetics and a highly efficient abstract setup combine to create one of the most popular Carrel systems on the market. Our 9-Pack system can be deployed in almost any office environment to allow for freedom of movement without any constriction or isolation, while still giving employees a high degree of focus and privacy. This is accomplished by the offset angles of each alcove which faces employees away from one another so they may concentrate more fully on their work, while still allowing them to communicate freely if required. Made of anodized aluminum with TFL worksurfaces, Orbit Curved Carrels are high quality products that can be deployed any way you wish, for any workspace. Many companies are currently enjoying the benefits of these wonderful office furniture products, thanks to their streamlined nature and adaptability within the office. For more information on our Carrel Systems and how they can transform your workspace, please contact us today.

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