Safepods For A Safe Office

The Covid-19 Pandemic isn’t over yet, but a full vaccine rollout is underway over the next few months in an attempt to get numbers down, and the population protected. In the meantime, it’s important that businesses prepare their office spaces for the return of employees into the fold. That means choosing the right products to craft a safe and reassuring environment, without sacrificing functionality or efficiency.

The concept of the Safe Office should be a number one priority for every company over the next nine months. Even after the threat of the pandemic has passed, many employees will still require some reassurance before they are able to feel secure. Investing in fluidconcepts’ SafePods can yield beneficial results due to their convenient and revolutionary design.


SafePods were designed by fluidconcepts to act as independent work or meeting space that can keep employees distanced and safe from one another, which is of paramount importance during this pandemic. They were designed for deployment in a multitude of locations, including workstations, offices, meeting rooms, etc. The premise behind SafePods was to create a full workspace surround enclosure for employees to work within, which assists in keeping them safe from direct air flow that can carry pathogens.

We offer SafePods in a variety of materials that give businesses flexibility when it comes to how much privacy is required for each unit. Both the smooth sliding door and walls can be configured in a variety of materials including laminate, softscape, fabric and optical materials to allow for maximum privacy, or a more open approach, depending on the scenario. This is important for employees who require more visual privacy.

This flexibility also comes with a high degree of setup versatility. SafePods can be linked together in clusters to save space, or positioned individually as needed. They can also be outfitted with electrical and data service options fed from the floor or ceiling, as required.


SafePods may be configured in a variety of formations including – single, double, quad or other. From there, customers can branch out and link extra units together to create a flexible dynamic that takes full advantage of their available workspace. Reconfiguring layouts is easy, thanks to the straightforward and user-friendly SafePod assembly.  Mix and match layouts to run along walls, fill open areas, or dot the workspace with multiple independent units. The choice is yours.


SafePods were clearly designed with office safety in mind, but their usefulness doesn’t end. Rather, they can remain deployed for years to come, or repurposed in other areas of the office as one sees fit. As individual workstations, SafePods can provide employees with a comfortable alternative to the stuffy cubicle design of old, whilst offering the ability to open up to the rest of the office. This is great for workers who may require a degree of privacy, or greater concentration during particular tasks. And finally, the pleasing aesthetics of SafePods means they fit well with today’s contemporary and chic office design setups. Simply choose the preferred material combination that best suits your office and company culture, and the rest is easy.


fluidconcepts is proud to offer SafePods to businesses who are interested in a short to mid-term ‘get back into the office’ strategy, as well as a long term addition to their office space. Their design is simple, quick, efficient and attractive, making them an easy choice for existing businesses and startups alike. For more information on everything SafePods has to offer, as well as tips on setup and deployment, please contact us today

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