Create an Impressive Office Interior—The Affordable Way

It’s important to begin every business relationship with a strong first impression. Unfortunately, trying to make this kind of impact with your office usually requires a substantial monetary investment. But not your business. 

That’s because you’re a visionary with the courage to do things your way. So instead of trying to impress your business clients with flash displays of wealth, how about impressing them with your creativity and ingenuity?

Style your office to impress your clients while adhering to a tight budget by following these tips:

1. Bring the Outside Indoors

The office is a great place to get work done, but it’s also a place that is far removed from the natural world. Consider enlivening your corporate surroundings with natural elements that will infuse your office with life:

  • Plants help invigorate your office with their verdant hues and oxygen-creating properties. Choose larger-sized plants for maximum effect.
  • Emphasize building and furniture materials with natural elements like wood grain to keep your office rooted in nature.
  • Try using a miniature waterfall device as a way to infuse your workplace with the calming sound of running water.

With the entire world just outside your window, look to nature for ways to show you how you can change a stale work environment into one that impresses. 

2. Get Extra Value by Finding Extra Solutions

An old consumer adage says: “You usually get what you pay for.” If that’s the case, be sure you spend your money wisely on workspace upgrades by investing in multi-purpose solutions:

  • Invest in specialty office furniture such as cushion-topped drawer units that pull double duty as stools.
  • Instead of buying new tables and shelves, repurpose filing cabinets and storage units to serve as additional table space for desktop printers and scanners.
  • Find new uses for your furniture, such as repurposing back-to-back bookshelves into a room divider.

Stretch your budget even further by being resourceful with your resources. This way, your creativity will go a long way in impressing your guests.

3. Create a Closed Office Space without Building

As in-demand as open office spaces have become, there are some situations where only a closed office space will suffice. If your office requires an additional closed office space, don’t start applying for building permits just yet. Instead, consider these alternatives:

  • Alterna is a small, customizable wall and room system perfect for meeting spaces, private offices, or collaboration areas. 
  • Safe Rooms are a lightweight, highly configurable room and wall system designed for open plan environments.

And, as a stand-alone structure with an eye-catching glass design, these closed office spaces make for a great first impression that are ideal for welcoming guests.

4. Indulge Your Creative Side

Too often a business can get lost within its own corporate culture. Instead of getting caught up in a conservative mindset, try indulging your creative side to imbue your office with personality.

  • Put your mark on your office by using your company logo as a wall decoration. Far removed from its familiar letterhead placement, your oversized logo will impress with its out-of-place juxtaposition. 
  • In addition to your brand colors, consider using vibrant and inspiring colors to brighten up your office.
  • Instead of unappealing corporate art, look into decorating your office with poems and famous quotes. Find a beautiful digital photo with a Creative Commons license to decorate your walls.

These options may require some extra work, but they all make for a great way to impress your guests by demonstrating your great sense of taste.

5. Deluxe Through Decluttering

A beautiful office is a clean office. Make sure your workspace is as impressive as it can be by getting rid of unsightly clutter:

  • Invest in simple storage solutions like fluidconcepts’ Cubic Storage or our brand new line of lockers.
  • Streamline your office for cleanliness with a “no eating at desks” rule, and remove garbage bins at desks. 
  • Wrangle electric and computer cords away from view for a more efficient look.
  • Remove unnecessary components from your office to free up your space.

Remember: a messy office may be a busy office, but it’s certainly not a welcoming one. Get rid of clutter in your office, and watch the compliments start to pour in.

6. Bonus: Mobile in a Box

Looking for a value-packed office furniture solution for your office that impresses with its good looks and practicality? Mobile in a Box is a semi-permanent work space that can be quickly stored away to create open space, requiring absolutely no setup or assembly. It’s a great all-in-one solution that ticks off many boxes for businesses that want a practical solution for an attractive office that makes affordable sense.

Are you looking to upgrade your office with well-designed interiors? Do you want to impress your guests with an office space that encapsulates your brand values? Contact fluidconcepts and ask about our office solutions. 
Learn more at our blog, and discover our furniture lineup here.

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