Project Name:
Ottawa, ON
Government/Not for Profit
Product Used
Post & Beam
Product Scope
50 Workstations and Private Offices


Aiming to optimize their workplace for its employees, the client was tasked with finding the right furnishings to match their office’s unique design environment that incorporated natural and industrial elements. However, this not-for-profit organization found it very difficult to find office furniture that could appropriately complement their work space and enliven its atmosphere. Fortunately for the client, their efforts to find an answer eventually led them to the reputable experts at fluidconcepts.

After thoroughly going through the client’s needs, fluidconcepts was able to successfully  implement the right furniture. We delved deep into our inventory, and found the ideal answer in our Post & Beam stations. This high-quality product is characterized by its anodized aluminum, metal and clear-coated worksurfaces, and ample storage and shelves, all characteristics that are well suited to this situation.

The result: a honeycomb layout of 50 Post & Beam products that provided for the client’s workstations and private offices in a way that fully complemented the unique qualities of the interior space.

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