Project Name
Toronto, ON
Government Services
Product Used
Post & Beam
Product Scope
105 Workstations, Reception


The client, a media development company, was seeking a design approach that could brighten the interior of their furniture and spatial division. However, their attempts to bring this design to life were shortchanged; the client wasn’t able to find the right office furniture provider that could give them what they were looking for. Fortunately for them, their search eventually brought them to fluidconcepts.

To help the client overcome their predicament, we deliberated on several possible solutions before arriving at the optimal answer: Post & Beams workstations. Equipped with tall frosted acrylic dividers, this customized answer could allow for the maximum amount of light transmission deep into the workspace.

Having brightened their interiors without the need for expensive renovations, fluidconcepts was able to unreservedly fulfill our client’s goals.


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