Relativity Media

Project Name

Relativity Media
Southern California
Movie & Media
Product Used
Runway, Edge
Workstations, Tables


A successful media and movie company was facing a dilemma. It was having trouble finding furniture that could suitably match their progressive and modern open office plan, and it was finding it difficult to attract creative people. Having identified their office environment as a problem, the client browsed the market looking for a solution. Whereas no one else was able to suitably comply with these requests, fluidconcepts came up with an answer that could appropriately meet all of their demands.

The solution: Runway workstations and Edge tables, two fluidconcepts office products known for their versatility and practicality. With these two furniture lines, we came up with a low-walled, modern and progressive open plan office solution that provided ample power and data management to each workstation. And, by following the existing office style, our products positively contributed to the interior design aesthetic, thereby creating a continuous feel to the space.

By using 85 of our open plan workstations, we were able to achieve the progressive and modern styling as demanded by the now-satisfied client.

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