MGM Studios
Project Name
MGM Studios
Los Angeles, CA
Movie and Media
Products Used
Post & Beam, Runway

Product Scope

350 Open Plan Workstations


A multi-stream media client was looking for sleek and modern furniture options which could blend seamlessly into their space. When looking for its office furniture provider, this powerful and well-connected client decided to go with the best: fluidconcepts.

To properly meet the needs of this famous client, fluidconcepts wanted to provide office furniture that fully complied with the client’s high standing. The solution: a complementary combination of Runway and Post & Pillar office products. This potent duo was used to create a full workstation setup where employees could work comfortably, and where data and power could be conveniently distributed to each station. To help blend into the environment, product materials were chosen to match the interior aesthetic. As well, the low height of the products allowed for an open space not dominated by furniture.

Having successfully found a suitable solution, we provided 350 open plan workstations that successfully created the work environment desired by the client.


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