Luma Australia
Project Name:
Luma Australia
Melbourne, AU
Product Used
Post & Beam
Open Plan Stations


When looking to furnish their professional workspace, the client wanted to find furniture that could maintain the fresh, open, and airy feeling of their work environment. As a leading media company in Australia, the client wanted furniture that could suitably match their company standards at an affordable price, a goal they achieved with the experts at fluidconcepts.

After deliberating with the client, we determined that our Post & Beam open plan workstations were the best option that could fulfill all the client’s needs. The implementation of this solution allowed for the creation of a collaborative space that contained a pop of color, infusing the workplace environment with life and inspiration.

Due to the demands of their competitive industry, the client was looking for any advantage they could gain. With fluidconcepts office products, they were able to create a work environment that could foster their creativity and reward their collaborations, making for a very satisfied client.


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