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Finishes -

The Casegoods Typical - WT-TR-A1 consists of a main desk and supported return with Open/Box/File Pedestal and Multifile unit.

Size options

TR-A1-72X72 - 30"x72" Desk with 24"x42" Return 
TR-A1-72X78 - 30"x72" Desk with 24"x48" Return 

Note - all the components can also be specified separately to create the typical. If different finish combinations are desired please specify the components separately.

Please see the individual components for specifications and features.

Please contact your local fluidconcepts representative for the dealer discount off list code when checking out.

Laminate Finish Codes - 

NW-Nova White
HM-Hardrock Maple
CG-Concrete Grooves


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Please contact your local fluidconcepts representative for a discount code when checking out.

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