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Station: 48”W x 24”D
Overall: 145”W x 73”D x 42”H

Station Details

Six pack of double-sided study carrels.
8wire 4circuit hardwire basefeed electrical.
Four plug-ins, 1 data knockout per station (below surface).
Wire management.
One center grommet per station, for cable access.
Strong metal-to-metal Mod-eez connections for 1” laminate panels.


Worksurfaces: 1” TFL laminate, PVC edge.
Panels: 1” TFL laminate, PVC edge.
Frame: anodized aluminum.
Upmounts: acrylic.
Upper dividers: softscape.
Lower dividers: TFL laminate.

CAD Symbols (ZIP)
CAD Symbols (DWG)
CAD Symbols (Sketchup-SKP)
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