Upholding Furniture Traditions with Treo Casegoods

“You can expect no influence if you are not susceptible to influence.”

—Carl Jung

At fluidconcepts, we’ve devoted ourselves to finding great solutions that meet the needs of the offices of tomorrow. And yet, as dedicated as we are to meeting the needs of the future, fluidconcepts is also committed to upholding the traditions of the past. 

Only by paying full respect to the original source can we begin to adopt new inspirations that lead to refreshing new outcomes. Such is the fluidconcepts approach to the design of casegoods, the fundamental building block of modern interior furniture. 

What Are Casegoods?

Casegoods are commonly known as a type of indoor furniture that provides interior storage space. Usually made of hard materials such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic, this term is most often associated with furniture that is not upholstered. With its distinct purpose, casegoods have coalesced around a specific type of furniture.

Over the years, examples of casegoods have included bedroom and study furniture such as chests, wardrobes, dressers, drawers, bookshelves, and bedside tables. These days, casegoods also refer to living room and dining room furniture such as dining tables, china cabinets as well as coffee and side tables. 

Often manufactured specifically for dormitories, bedrooms and public areas, casegoods have branched out to serve both private homes and public workplaces. It is for the latter that we have seen casegoods become appropriated for its new use as desks, lockers, and shelving displays for modern workplaces.

Importance in Interior Design

Having served so many different functions in rooms around the world, we can appreciate the important role that casegoods have played in interior design. 

But, for all the variations that they have embodied – in forms that include bureaus, cabinets, armoires, and the media centers inhabiting the living rooms of today – one basic truth about casegoods hasn’t changed: casegoods are key in providing context to an interior environment through their use as storage

fluidconcepts is very aware of the important lineage that proudly stands behind casegood products. That’s why it is with great veneration and esteem that we’ve gone about creating the modern version of this essential piece of furniture, and given it a name worthy of its exalted tradition: Treo Casegood.

Treo Casegood

fluidconcepts is proud to present Treo Casegood, our lineup of contemporary and economical furniture solutions for the modern office. We’ve dug deep to uncover the essential truths of interior storage and, with some personal inspiration and additional influences, have come up with a stylized format of the traditional casegoods model that serves the practical and functional needs of today’s busy workplaces.

With its sharp contours and economic aesthetics, Treo Casegood workstations and desks are designed to enable high productivity while impressing at the same time. Featuring 7 handle options and full-extension drawer slides, this office furniture lineup is fully certified for ANSI, BIFMA, CGSB, and SCS indoor air quality.

Designed for open plan and private offices, Treo Casegood represents a core collection of products that branch out into a multitude of solutions, each available in 22 different laminate finishes. 

With so many variations to choose from, let’s take a look at Treo Casegoods in its most optimized format: as the executive desk.

The Executive Desk Re-imagined

The executive desk is a study of the unique problem of balancing function against style. With Treo Casegoods, we’ve re-imaged the executive desk to serve both purposes equally without compromise. By amalgamating a desk with the storage units behind it as a single concept, we’re looking to build on the traditions of the past with a bold, innovative re-imagining.

The Treo Casegood Suite TR 028 is a rectangular wood-grained executive desk equipped with credenza and storage towers that fulfills your professional needs with aplomb. With its storage unit serving as a majestic backdrop, this unit projects authority through its pair of flanking storage shelves with silver-accented openable doors. Like the Spanish word “treo” which means a broad sail used in strong winds, this executive desk conjures up connotations of strength that aptly complement a seat of power.

For a less formal setting, fluidconcepts also offers the Treo Casegood Suite TR 017. This rectangular executive desk features a credenza that can serve as additional desk space for workers that need extra table space. With its agreeable two-tone light grained complexion, this executive desk makes for an approachable place for collaborations.

Casegoods: Solutions for your Office

To find the office solutions of tomorrow, we’ve looked back into the past. With Treo Casegoods, fluidconcepts has successfully paired the context of interior storage with the needs of modern office spaces. As such, we’ve designed a way for businesses to achieve their productivity goals while maintaining professional standards—all using office furniture that perfectly suits your specific needs.

Are you interested in upgrading your office space? Looking for rewarding and inspiring office furniture? fluidconcepts is always here to help! Contact us today!