Choosing Office Furniture That Suits Your Company's Style

Company branding extends far beyond just colors and fonts. It also extends all the way to the style and layout of the office workspace. For that reason, it’s good practice to buy office furniture that compliments the company’s official style. It doesn’t have to be exact, per say, but the right office furniture can create a sense of cohesion and consistency that will have positive subconscious effects on employees, as well as your most important visitors.

Choosing said office furniture can be tricky, however. Therefore, it helps to know what to watch out for when shopping for the right products. By following a few key tips and pointers, you’ll be able to choose office furniture that compliments not just your office, but your company’s overall philosophy and branding strategy at the same time.


These days, office furniture needs to be modular. This is especially true in an age when workspaces are becoming more flexible, and designed for different employee work styles. Hybrid offices are becoming ever-more prevalent in the wake of the recent pandemic, which means employees are sharing the same workstation or desk multiple times during the work week. 

fluidconcepts has made “modular” one of its prime focuses when developing office furniture, and we continue to move forward with that philosophy for all of our newest products. For each part of the office, we have an excellent furniture option that will fit the bill.


fluidconcepts knows the value of modular desk and workstation options, and our benching systems are some of the most robust in the business. We have several lines to choose from, but two that epitomize the modular concept are the Orbit and Post & Beam. The former is a revolutionary concept in office furniture design, sporting a heavily modular theme that allows you to lay out each individual workstation pod as a single unit, or as part of a cluster that can be defined to fit the exact needs of your particular space. 

The Post & Beam system is a versatile approach to the complete office scenario that can be deployed in call centers, private offices and reception areas. The level of versatility and modular capabilities of Post & Beam are without equal, and no two layouts need ever be the same. fluidconcepts offers a multitude of widths, depths and heights, not to mention rectilinear, angled and curved shapes to best compliment your office space, and your company’s design philosophy.

And finally, both lines are available in many different panel materials and colors with levels of customization that can help match your company’s branding guidelines to the letter. While functionality is the key focus of both Orbit and the Post & Beam systems, aesthetics and styling also play their important roles.


Post & Beam also extends to the Reception area, which is a key component of any successful company’s workplace. This is the area that sees the most foot traffic, with employees entering and exiting on a daily basis. It’s also where important clients and visitors, as well as incredible new talent will walk through your doors and come face-to-face with your company’s unique style and philosophy.

Implementing Post & Beam systems for Receptionist desks and front units can instantly send the correct message that your company is serious and passionate about what it does. Once again, the system offers rectilinear, curved and angled pieces that can be custom-fitted to your Reception area to create the right mix of functionality, versatility and ambiance.

For something a bit more elegant and economical, we offer the Casegoods Reception line. This is a perfect solution for companies stressing the unique elegance of minimalist design and layout. Artistry plays a huge role in the presentation factor of the Casegoods line, and can also be customized with a multitude of finishes to accentuate the concept of spatial design and modular thinking.


Every office needs storage capabilities, even in an age of paperless workflow. Our Laminate Storage line adheres to the same stylish and contemporary aesthetics, mixed with a versatile approach to the storing of books, folders and other items. It can also be used to display key items. 

Our unique twist on the traditional locker design has given many companies the benefit of storage options that compliment their particular office style. These lockers are available in single units, or stacked options to save space. Employees can use them to store valuables, while management and ownership can use them to keep sensitive materials away from prying eyes. These aren’t the typical high school lockers, but rather, a stylish line available in multiple laminate finishes, with several different handle options to add an accent to your workspace.


Our approach to tabling was conceptualized from a standpoint of versatility. Each and every one of our table options can be used in multiple industries and workplace types, from industrial to white collar. The right table options can transform an office and fill up open areas with a functional piece of office furniture that can be used for many different purposes.

For instance, fluidconcepts’ height-adjustable desks can be deployed in key areas of the office that see a lot of foot traffic, and require multiple users per terminal. Many tasks require only a short period of time to complete, which means you can skip the office chair in favor of a table raised to maximum height, which encourages employees to remain on their feet until it’s complete. Whatever the scenario, height-adjustable desks are highly advantageous when it comes to promoting employee health and well-being, by limiting a sedentary work life.

Other examples of great tabling options include our Treo Conference tables, our modular and expandable Sophi tables, and our trimmed down and functional Edge tables. 


When choosing office furniture that compliments your company’s particular style, there are plenty of options. However, the key is never to sacrifice on the things that matter - functionality, versatility, and a modular design approach. We’ve taken the time to develop office furniture products that hit all these notes, for the benefit of companies around the globe.

If you’re interested in acquiring the kind of office furniture products that run parallel with your company’s unique vision, philosophy and aesthetic style, we can help. Contact us today, and we’ll assist you in choosing the right items to fit your space, and add to its impact.