Sony Entertainment
Project Name
Sony Entertainment
San Francisco, CA
Product Used:
Product Scope
85 Open Plan Workstations


In order to optimize its workspace, the client in the international media industry had been looking for high-technology-supported workstations equipped with low divisional barriers that could promote open communication. And yet, the client wasn’t able to find a provider that could meet their particular needs until meeting with fluidconcepts.

Although the competition may provide similar products, they don’t compare with fluidconcepts ability to provide solutions specifically designed to overcome workplace obstacles. In this case, we were able to successfully find the right solution for the client in the form of our Runway open plan workstation products. Sleek and modern, our use of the Runway product line was able to successfully meet the client’s ample data and electrical requirements.

As a result, fluidconcepts was able to help the client establish the open office they wanted, implementing a total 85 high-tech, low-walled, open plan workstations for a collaborative work environment.




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