Recommended Office Furniture For COVID-19 Distancing

As Covid-19 cases increase, governments and jurisdictions are taking appropriate steps to try and lower numbers ahead of new vaccines being deployed. In the meantime, social distancing remains a key priority, especially in the workplace. 

fluidconcepts has many products that are well-designed for this purpose, and implementing them in your workplace means having flexible options that can keep your employees safely distanced so they can work securely. The following is a list of such products.


There’s a lot of choice when it comes to Fence systems, and many of them can be utilized for social distancing methods. Our double-sided L-Config systems can be set up quickly with separators in place to prevent employees facing one another, which could be a possible angle for transmission. When paired with our Universal Upmount Screens, full separation is possible without sacrificing the team dynamic.


This popular beam-work system is excellent for high performance workspaces which require power and data delivery in one very flexible setup. The Runway system comes in multiple formations, several of which can be used to provide separation between employees without having to worry about close proximity transmission. Pair them with our Universal Upmount Screens for proper sectioning that can eliminate the angles of viral transmission.


Our Hybrid System is popular due to how flexible the design is for a multitude of scenarios including call centers, private offices and more. This vertical post/horizontal beam system provides electrical and data transmission that can power the most demanding of workstation items. Each system comes in a 4 or 8-channel configuration that allows for 90, 120 and 135 degree planning. As such, it’s possible to configure the Hybrid system in several formats that can be used for social distancing purposes. Dividers help knock out the angles of viral transmission while simultaneously maintaining a team dynamic across the entire workspace.


Our Orbit lines continue to be excellent workspace choices for separating employees and preventing Covid-19 spread. The rounded nature of these products allows for a multitude of snap-point setups to take advantage not just of available space, but also to prevent angles of viral transmission. Each OrbitPod and Orbit Workstation is essentially a self-contained unit that blends privacy with protection thanks to high-standing divider screens. Employees can be faced away from one another while viral load remains compartmentalized within each unit for easy surface cleaning and disinfecting.


Our Mobile Office was originally designed as a convenient alternative to the stationery office setup, but its advantages in a Covid-19 setting are unparalleled. The Mobile Office is a turnkey workstation that can be fully assembled and then wheeled into position so it’s ready for use within minutes. When not used, the unit can be folded and sealed to save space or transport to another place. For companies still in the middle of determining how to restructure their offices to deal with Covid-19, this can be a game-changer. Deploy it away from heavy traffic areas, or purchase several units to act as social distancing alternatives for employees not comfortable working in a closely-knit group.

These are just a few of the items that can be adapted to suit a Covid-19 era. Their ease-of-use makes them a breeze to set up and operate. For more information on how fluidconcepts is doing its part to provide workable solutions for the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact us today!

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