Making A Great First Impression In The Reception Area

When companies choose the right office furniture that compliments their business, they automatically make a statement about how serious and dedicated they are to providing great products and services. That being said, the reception area is one of the most vital spots in any workplace when it comes to accomplishing this goal.

Clients are going to show up at your doorstep, and it’s best to make a great first impression right off the bat. Just as a suit and tie can speak volumes about a potential candidate for employment, so too can the right office furniture play a vital role in establishing professionalism to your client base.

fluidconcepts’ Curved Beam furniture options are an excellent and effective solution, and highly recommended for companies who want to strengthen the presence and polish of their reception area. With multiple options to choose from, the Curved Beam system can fit reception areas both large and small, with one to several employees manning tasks and greeting customers as they walk in. Available in a wide variety of laminate and finish choices, Curved Beam reception area furniture can be matched to a company’s branding guidelines in order to establish more cohesion and consistency with their overall vision.

Plus, the curved design is a marked departure from the rigid and rudimentary hard edges commonly associated with many office furniture products. This contemporary feel also provides a subliminal benefit in the form of an overall reduced footprint. They take up less space without losing an ounce of their effectiveness and versatility. That’s a major boon for companies operating out of smaller workspace environments, such as startups and those destined to grow over time. 

It’s important for companies not to underestimate the effectiveness and power of the reception area to sell themselves as a reputable operation. These areas need to be attractive in order to capture the attention of clients, while turning the waiting experience into an opportunity to make a statement. Curved Beam systems represent boldness, confidence and authority mixed with style, class and vitality. This creates an inviting environment that will reassure clients, while giving the impression of keen insight and forward-thinking.

As always, office furniture needs to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Curved Beam systems strike a balance between form and function by providing real-world benefits and options that make life easier on reception employees, while impressing the client base. At the same time, their curved design can free up space for other amenities that bring proper focus back to the guests you have waiting. The more comfortable you can make their experience with a large comfortable couch and some customer-focused amenities, the better an impression your company can make.

In conclusion, Curved Beam systems were designed with the above goals in mind, and can be custom-tailored in a variety of configurations, finishes and styles to compliment the precise requirements of your office reception area. For more information on how to choose the right Curved Beam office furniture to set up your perfect reception area, please contact us today, and we’ll be glad to help.