Arlington Free Clinic
Project Name
Arlington Free Clinic
Arlington, VA
Public Clinic
Products Used:
Custom Reception Stations


The client, a Virginia-based public clinic, wanted to welcome their visitors with a unique reception desk in their lobby. Their goal was to create a multi-user functional reception station that was in keeping with the building’s established design concept. Despite the difficulty of customization, fluidconcepts boldly accepted this challenge as a demonstration of our ability to create fitted, niche solutions for our clients.

After a thorough examination of the space and the client’s needs, fluidconcepts set to work on a practical answer that looked professional and design-forward. The result: a reception station made with flowing, curvilinear lines and constructed with durable, long-lasting materials and finishes. Extremely accessible from all sides, the reception station was made to be fully ADA compliant. Additionally, the unit was designed to contribute toward the building’s LEED GOLD certification for sustainable design.

The finished curved reception station contributed eye-catching functionality to this space. With the client fully satisfied, fluidconcepts again proved why we are known as the industry leaders in providing customized office solutions.