The Best Furniture Products For A Happy Office New Year

fluidconcepts would first like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year as we enter 2021. These past 12 months have been difficult on individuals, families and businesses the world over, but we have fought on as a collective and will emerge stronger on the other side. To those who have been directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, know that our thoughts are with you, and that things will get better in short order.

For businesses who have weathered the storm of the pandemic since its beginning, progress is the number one priority for 2021. Slowly but surely, employees will start making their way back into the office, even as remote work remains a preferred choice for many. Whether your company is looking to reformat your workspace, or re-modernize in the aftermath of the pandemic, fludconcepts has the right office furniture products for the job. We have been steadily working in the background to create new products that have helped multiple industries since Covid-19 took root, and we’re now turning our sights onto a new year full of exciting prospects. Our recent Pocketbook PDF was designed to get businesses thinking about new ways of looking at workspace solutions, and we’d like to share some examples with you in this article.


This work system was designed for high performance workspaces that give employees a massive boost in data delivery and power output for their devices. Our beam schematics include a mixture of electrical channels, data/tel modules, 8 wire/4 circuit moveable simplex modules and a wire management system complete with a removable bracket for greater customization. 

Runway is great for teams operating in the tech field who need instant and convenient access to flexible power options, plus the data transfer speeds necessary for seamless communication and teamwork within a group setting. Customize Runway in a variety of options to create the perfect balance between space and function for your particular workplace.


One of our most popular product lines is undoubtedly our Post & Beam system which is designed for a wide range of office environments including call centers, private offices and even reception areas. The secret to the system lies in a mixture of vertical and horizontal posts and beams that support worksurfaces along with storage options, space dividers and electrical/data/telecom modules. 

Post & Beam systems are height adjustable thanks to their connection to a continuous vertical channel. This makes customization a breeze, allowing for the adjustment of workstations based on the average height of the employees in your team. They can be set up in 4 or 8-channel configurations in a variety of geometric layouts including round, square, triangular or oval profiles. The options are nearly limitless.


This line was taken from a European designed desking, benching and table system designed to promote open communication with a fresh, modern style. By starting with a single desk, one can expand or reconfigure outwards in a variety of configurations to fit any workspace. The secret to this line lies within the triangular leg system we have devised.

The Standard leg and beam system is designed for modular linking, allowing you to get creative with how you wish to connect and configure multiple desks. The Executive system is focused more on long span table options up to 96” as Private Office table desks. Add in flip-top or retracting surfaces for easy access to power and data options, as well as lateral wire management, and the Edge Desking system quickly becomes one of the cleanest and most efficient for the entire office. 


For those who love to tinker and devise brand new, customized looks for their office space, our Mix Collection is definitely the premier choice. This collection consists of a mixture of interchangeable desks, tables, storage units and movable screens that have each been designed with simplicity, efficiency and aesthetic appeal in mind. 

Configuring and reorganizing layouts built with the Mix Collection is as simple as shifting individual items around to create modular configurations on the fly. One is limited only by their imagination. This is a great option for open workspaces that shift dynamically on a regular basis, as well as areas that require a quick setup for presentations or special events.


Without a doubt, Orbit is one of the most popular lines in the fluidconcepts catalogue, and for good reason. Its stunning good looks and highly customizable materials are matched only by its amazing functionality that brings efficiency and style to the workplace. The impetus for designing Orbit was based on consideration as to how employees actually work. From there, we added a level of flexibility and customization so that companies can craft their own Orbit layouts as they see fit.

Thinkpods are similar in many respects to the Orbit line, and were designed for maximum efficiency inside of a very small footprint. These ergonomic touch-down stations offer partial or full enclosure within an open plan environment, taking advantage of the layout while offering a degree of privacy as required. This helps offices attain the best of both worlds within the open office style. A flexible spline connects multiple Thinkpods together in a variety of different configurations based on the workspace in question. It also allows for the addition of swing doors so employees can close off as needed, before returning to an open environment. We even offer the option to customize your Thinkpods with your own graphics and artwork!

Be sure to check out our entire Pocket Book PDF to skim the full range of our products that can bring style, functionality and vibrancy to our office as we enter 2021. Getting your employees back into the office means giving them some fun and flexible options to increase their enthusiasm, and we believe these products will help you achieve exactly that. Best of luck to all of our clients as we move into 2021. For those who have never worked with fluidconcepts before, we invite you to contact us today to learn more about how our products can add flair and function to your workspace. 

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