A Roundup Of Our Workplace Protection Equipment

As Covid-19 continues to run its course, all eyes are on getting things back to normal in as short an order as possible. Even when the pandemic finally dies down for good, people will need to take a few final precautions to make sure they are protecting themselves and their loved ones from infection.

To compensate for what is hopefully the final phase of this outbreak, fluidconcepts has put together a complete listing of WPE (Workplace Protection Equipment) products designed specifically to make getting back to work easier and safer. This is vital not only to the future of the economy, but for overall social well-being and physical/mental health. Here’s a roundup of what we’re currently offering to companies right now.


Lobbies and reception areas are the first line of defense against transmission of a virus. After all, people are coming and going at all times, and that means every new person who walks through the door might potentially be a carrier. Regardless of which risk group you fall into, it’s always wise to add a little more security to the space. Protective Counter Screens come in five different styles both framed and non-framed to suit any counter type. This helps prevent infection via moisture transmission by adding a protective shield in between two people, while still allowing for things like transmission of documents, etc.


Similar to our Protective Counter Screens, our Universal Upmount Screens employ the same basic premise, but are best suited for separating employees, patients and clients from one another. They come in four different mounting styles including Surface, Freestanding, Work Surface Mounted and Panel Mounted variants to deal with any situation. This is especially important when dealing with different desk or counter styles, cubicles, etc. They’re easy to set up and non-destructive, meaning they can be stored and used again in the future if required.


Our Flag Screens are an excellent new item designed for on-the-go separation of people and a protective barrier against infections. These freestanding post-centric products can be set up quickly to deal with different office types and seating arrangements, and they’re especially beneficial for healthcare and hospitality environments that require people to wait or stand in line. With four different styles to choose from, Flag Screens can be deployed nearly anywhere. Use them to separate gym equipment, provide barriers between customer counters or act as separators for lobby seating.


For something a little more stable with a wider range of coverage, Step Screens are the solution. They allow for rapid and easy setup of partitions on existing benching, table or open seating. This level of versatility allows them to be deployed nearly anywhere and with no hassle. This is handy for office environments with non-separated desk layouts, open concept workspaces or the like. Your employees will still be able to interact with each other while maintaining a safe social distancing apparatus.


When it comes to setting up modular walls and rooms within a very short space of time, this line of products is the right solution. They come in fixed or feet-style versions depending on the desired application, and can be hard or flex-connected for more versatility as conditions change. This is especially exceptional for healthcare workers who need to utilize an open space and quarter off patients either for care or examination purposes, all while reducing the threat of viral spread.


These screens are designed for large-width and height protection and separation between people across a multitude of environments. Scissor Screens incorporate a notched-out wedge in the body design to fit desks and provide instant separation of employees or teams working in a roundtable scenario. Mix Screens are designed for freestanding separation and can be deployed nearly anywhere. They are highly customizable and configurable in a variety of material styles to create the perfect look while also adding a protective element.


Healthcare is definitely a number one priority during the Covid-19 outbreak, and we have been fortunate so as not to have overwhelmed our healthcare system at any point. Protective Booths help contribute to this mitigation by separating healthcare workers from potentially infected persons so that both can stay more safe. Designed largely to deal with one-on-one interactions, these booths provide a protective space when it comes to healthcare screening or transactional duties. They’re available in fixed or freestanding variants, and can even be connected to one another to create a row of booths to deal with more people at one time. Mix and match them with Flag Screens to create protection for patients standing in queues.


For the office employee, Protected Workstation Solutions are the way to go when it comes to productivity and personal safety. The best part of this line is the ability for companies to create a customized protected workstation environment that best suits their own particular needs. They are highly adaptable and changeable which is good when dealing with potential employee turnover during the Covid-19 outbreak, or shifting patterns in employee work styles. Rest assured, there’s something for everyone.

For more information on any of the products listed in our WPE line, we invite you to contact us directly so that we can add a massive layer of healthcare safety to your workspace.

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