4 Office Workstation Systems That Can Benefit Your Business During Coronavirus

For the next little while, expect the Coronavirus threat to wind down while governments and agencies keep a close eye on its patterns. There is the possibility of a second wave in the fall, provided we don’t receive a vaccine before then (which has been strongly hinted at). In the meantime, your business needs to get back to work, and prepare for employees returning to the fold.

To do so, it helps to have the right Workstation Systems installed so that you can keep employees safe and reduce the risk of the virus spreading to others, while still maintaining workplace efficiency, convenience and communication!


In addition to looking absolutely stellar in any office setting, our Orbit Workstations mix style with functionality, and a level of protection against Covid-19 transmission. The level of versatility offered in the Orbit means employees can align themselves in any seating orientation they wish, including away from one another. Communication remains constant, as does interpersonal safety. They can even be linked together in multiple configurations or tangents, or deployed as individual pods, making them highly versatile.

Speaking of versatility, Orbits can be specified in multiple diameters, radii and heights, with dividers in a variety of different materials. This level of customization means deployment in your office is as easy as taking a few measurements.


Similar in style and concept to our Orbit Workstation line, OrbitPods can be fitted around the office for workers who need a little peace and quiet, away from distraction, or for more sensitive work requiring privacy. These linkable Pods can be set up in a variety of configurations to take advantage of available space, and their self-contained nature helps provide a shield between individuals to prevent Covid-19 exposure.

OrbitPods are available in 48” or 60” diameters, with heights ranging from 36” to 60.” Better yet, they can be installed quickly and without any fuss, making them easy to set up before employees return to the office.


Our Hybrid Post & Beam series is a unique post and beam workplace solution composed of architectural building blocks laid out across 3 planes, with multiple angles.These height adjustable Workstations are available in a variety of heights from 29” to 84”, with custom options available. Power and wire management systems are built in for neat and tidy setup, and feature telecom access ports and power conduits.

The Hybrid series comes in several unique configuration styles which can be adapted to fit your workspace and keep Coronavirus spread to a low. Barrier options can further help reduce the risk of transmission.


This particular Workspace system design consists of architectural aluminum square posts and beams which offer a level of customization for any office. Better yet, they can be deployed to encourage safe social distancing while working, by appropriately separating workers without robbing them of the ability to communicate.

Quattro Workstations feature post heights from 29” to 84” inches, with custom options available. Simple, stylish and modern, they’re a great pick for workspaces with a bit more room to space out. They can even be deployed back to back for use by several different employees at once, without the harmful spread of Covid-19.

For more information on the right Workstation solutions for your office during the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact us today!