What Office Furniture Should You Upgrade?

With the Covid-19 pandemic winding down, many companies are in a unique position to re-evaluate their workplace environment and identify any areas that could benefit from some improvements. This is especially true in an age where not every employee is ready to go back into the office, and social distancing rules might be the order of the day for a while longer.

Before the office fills back up again, companies might want to stop and take a look at the state of their office furniture to determine if an upgrade is in order. The following article details some key areas you may wish to evaluate within your company, along with some great replacement suggestions for your office furniture.


Chances are your office has more than a few chairs that have seen better days. Even the highest-end chairs are going to wear out after a while, which is why it’s important to skim through your inventory and check for any signs of potential breakdown or issues, and replace any problematic chairs with brand new ones. Employees who stroll back into the office will have a much greater time getting back into the swing of things, especially since physical comfort will play a vital role in alleviating any post-Covid apprehension.

We offer several contemporary and functional office chairs that can fit well with any decor, starting with the Every Task Chair, an all-purpose solution with adjustable lumbar support, black mesh backrest and autolift synchronous mechanism, to name a few features. Our Pure Task Chair is a bit different in that it operates on a Smart Spring feature that allows it to move and flex naturally with your body’s movements. Finally, our Up Stool injects a healthy dose of color, vibrancy and fun to the workplace while giving people a functional seating solution. The innovative design allows the stool to pivot and rotate with your body, rather than remaining stationery.


Whether it’s a meeting table or a common work table, your employees are going to require steady and functional surfaces to work on. If your office tables are aesthetically outdated, chipped or damaged, now might be the right time to bring in some fresh new replacements, especially if you have clients coming and going.

For the meeting space, our Edge tables are a great solution that mixes elegance with simplicity and (most importantly) durability. Sophi tables take on a more modular approach featuring die-cast aluminum legs in a striking chrome finish, and married to a modular aluminum frame for quick installation and changeability. Twist tables are excellent solutions if your office requires a temporary setup and teardown for meetings or other gatherings. Simply roll them out, unfold them, and you can create the perfect setup in moments. And finally, our iLev Electric Adjustable tables are an affordable option for workstations that benefit from height adjustable solutions. They’re also great for employee health.


Remember that you’re not just welcoming your employees back into the office. Don’t forget the impression your reception area can have on visiting clients and business relations who decide to stop in. Your current reception area might have been fine as it was, but after the monotony and stress of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new reception area could send a strong, highly positive signal that you’re ready to get back to business stronger than ever before.

A beautiful reception desk can speak volumes about your company, so investing in the right one is key. Our Post & Beam Reception solution offers an abundance of contemporary, highly attractive reception desks in a variety of styles including curved, contoured or traditional straight edge design. What sets this line apart from others in its field is the sheer number of available finishes and materials which allow companies to customize the look down to their exact specifications. The right mix can perfectly compliment your reception area, and your company’s brand aesthetic. For something a bit more abstract and edgy, our Casegoods line might be the perfect option thanks to its minimalist, highly artistic take on the traditional reception desk. Depending on your particular office aesthetic, either of these two lines could serve as the perfect fit for a new remodel.

These are just a few areas you can analyze when it comes potentially replacing your existing office furniture in favor of an updated look. As business begins to ramp back up, available time will shorten, and the more employees in an office, the more distracting and disruptive it will be to bring in new furniture. Take advantage before business is up to full speed, and you may find that upgrading a few key furniture items can dramatically transform your workplace in favor of a bold, optimistic and fresh feel. For more information on our product lines, or advice on upgrading your existing office furniture, be sure to get in touch with us today!