Utilizing Color In Your Office Furniture

We offer a wide variety of office furniture products that come in a diverse assortment of available colours and materials which are designed to suit your office environment, and your company culture. This mixture of contemporary furniture design and choice of palette gives companies plenty of options when it comes to filling out a new workspace, or updating an existing one.

Colour plays a major role in how your business is perceived, and multiple colours can be used in conjunction to create different moods and atmospheres for different parts of your office. If you’re contemplating what colours to choose for your office furniture (which may end up affecting your entire workspace), it’s important to realize the effect they have on the human psyche. The following is a breakdown of colours and what they represent within your office environment.


Red is an especially powerful colour, and a difficult one to execute in many office environments due to how bold and exciting it is. Regularly associated with flash and intensity, red taps into our innate desire for excitement. As such, it’s important to refrain from using it when choosing office furniture that will be placed in environments where calm, tranquility and concentration are a must. It’s a colour that is especially difficult to ignore, which is why it’s so often used for attention-grabbing applications. Office furniture placed in a high-bustle environment such as a sales floor can go a long way to injecting a sense of enthusiasm into an already energetic space.


Biophilic design continues to become more popular in workspace designs as we move into 2021, and that trend shows no signs of stopping. Even if you don’t intend to stock up your workplace with trees and other green foliage, the colour itself can have a strong impact on your team. Choosing green for furniture can help soothe and refresh your workers by tapping into its organic qualities. This can be applied in office furniture chosen for areas requiring concentration and relaxation, or in the reception area as a means to foster a sense of calm among visiting clients.


As with green, the colour blue has shown to have a profound effect on the human psyche, not to mention physicality. Studies have shown it can even lower one’s blood pressure. Choosing blue for office furniture is great for those who need to relax and concentrate on their tasks in a more isolated enclosure, such as our popular Orbit Pods. This cool, serene colour can help calm workers and reduce anxiety and apprehension, which can help them with more on-demand, high-pressure tasks.


Orange may indeed be regarded as red-lite due to its lesser boldness and intensity. However, the premise is still the same. Orange is a happy, exciting and positive colour that references the sun, and the joys of being outdoors. This is great for work environments that demand a sustained level of alertness and attention without overloading the senses too much. Therefore, it would probably not be suitable for furniture placed in reception areas or other areas of the office where calm and relaxation is the main focus.


Creative types will love the colour purple due to its suave and luxurious tone. Depending on the application, it can truly enhance the class of a space, and draw out those creative juices from your team members. It’s also a neutral colour in the sense that it does not overly excite or seek to calm, but rather to sustain. Utilizing it in a neutral space can help employees maintain concentration without any distractions, which is important for projects with a firm deadline attached, or more intricate jobs that require maximum diligence.


This particular colour is especially well-suited towards furniture as opposed to other facets of an office, such as walls. It’s a bright and happy colour that can easily overwhelm people if too much of it is used. Choosing yellow for your office furniture can act as an accent that lights up a space, all by itself. Think multiple work desks in a white-walled office space. Yellow is cheerful, making it great for reception areas or even the break room, provided that it’s used wisely. In the right hands, it can breathe incredible life into an office.


Care should be given to how much grey is used when it comes to office furniture, and may be best suited to environments with splashes of colour on walls and other office furniture. Grey can be used wisely in more straightforward corporate settings such as board and meeting rooms where concentration and a focus on facts is the order of the day. Pairing grey with bright white colours is also another way to leverage brightness with a colour accent that does not overwhelm employees within the space. Too much grey can have a depressing effect if used the wrong way.

For more information about our office furniture products, feel free to contact us directly or visit our website where you can learn more about the range of colours and materials we offer. With a little creativity, you can choose furniture with colours that will liven up your space and draw out the best in your workers.