Top 5 Modern Office Furniture Designs

Like anything else, office furniture needs to maintain its modernity through design, functionality, and comfort. The office furniture industry is constantly adapting to meet the needs of those who use the products most. Office furniture that doesn’t take modern design into account can produce unforeseen negative impacts on businesses and their respective employees. In an era where offices themselves are transforming every day, it is important for the furniture within its confines to transform as well.

Here are the top 5 modern office furniture designs:

1. Collaborative Office Furniture

As companies are becoming more and more collaborative in nature, it is important for the furniture of the modern office to be designed with this workflow in mind. Team building solutions in furniture can be diverse, but commonly include options such as integrated huddle ends for impromptu meetings, low spatial dividers to create openness or specific configurations of furniture to support working groups. Large conference rooms or smaller meeting spaces where employees can participate in meetings and larger group work add further value to a floorplan.

2. Technology Integration

Due to the profound technology boom over the last two decades, it is becoming increasingly important for office furniture to be designed with technology, and technological integration in mind. For the majority industries, technology touches most aspects of day to day working life. The overall productivity of an office can plummet should the furniture not be designed with this use of technology in mind. Offices now have a need for desks and tables with built-in power and USB functionality, integrated lighting, screens, smartboards and more. These technological integrations can help make furniture more convenient for those who use it the most.

3. Comfortable Office Furniture

With employees working more hours in offices than ever before, comfortable office furniture is imperative for employee productivity and motivation. Gone are the days where employees dealt with office chairs and desks that were not designed with comfort in mind. Office furniture manufacturers must be aware of this when designing all furnishings, not just chairs and desks. Lounge, open space and recreational areas that contain comfortable furniture help employers foster a productive environment, while giving employees a comfortable break or an option to have a change of scenery throughout the day. 

4. Adjustable Furniture

Adjustable office furniture is intended to be non-restrictive and offer personal customization to meet the needs of a specific employee. Features such as height adjustable desks and ergonomically laid out workspaces allow many different people to sit at the same workstation and have their comfort requirements were met. In the case of stand-sit desks, employees can automatically adjust their desks to the perfect height necessary to enable them to stand to complete their work. This can help boost overall employee productivity, comfort and health while creating a positive working environment.

Office furniture is a key factor in the overall ability of a business and its employees to perform, it is extremely important that it is chosen with modern design in mind. The points listed in this article this create a modern office layout, while meeting the needs of today’s workforce. To learn more about our products, visit us at