The Benefits of an Agile Workspace in 2020

The agile workspace isn’t a new concept, but it has only recently been mass-adopted by many companies who recognize the inherent benefits of such a setup, and how it can help boost employee morale while allowing for greater work/life balance. Moving into 2020, agile office spaces will become even more important as millennials make up the highest percentage of the workforce. To properly leverage an agile workspace for your company, it’s best to know the benefits and how to apply them. Let’s take a look.

#5) Not A Place, But A State Of Mind

Agile workstation empower employees by giving them options to change where and how they work within an office environment. It’s less about showing up for work to do a job than it is about fostering team collaboration, communication and engagement. As technology has allowed employees to disconnect from the tethers that previously bound them to a specific spot in the office, the workspace has become more practical. Laptops are now thin and light enough to replace bulky desktop computers as a portable workstation that can be moved around the office, making a workspace more attractive for those who would like to move to a more inspiring corner to do work. This has a two-pronged effect for business owners as well, by freeing up space that would normally be swallowed up by static workstation terminals and cubicles. In short, businesses have more real estate to work with while simultaneously giving employees the freedom to move around and keep them energized and productive. 

#4) Recognize The Key Areas

There are several key areas that make up an agile workspace.  Open Plan areas balance space efficiency with the ability for project teams to stay in constant communication while working. Breakout areas are built with versatility in mind, and can handle everything from informal meetings to break periods and brainstorming sessions. Quiet Zone areas are necessary for workers whose tasks require full concentration without any distraction. Touchdown areas are perfect for on-the-go workers who spend less time in the office, such as sales reps or freelancers. And finally, Resource areas are built to house the more utilitarian functions of a business such as printers, copiers and stationery storage. We always recommend seeking out an office space planner who can properly identify your workspace and determine how all of these areas should be laid out for maximum workplace efficiency. 

#3) Embrace The Positive

Agile office space have been shown to give employees a morale boost and make them more willing to come to work, while simultaneously reducing the number of absent days taken. When employees feel as if they’re part of an open-ended work environment with a degree of choice in how they work, they are more inclined to feel a positive relationship with the employer who they perceive has their best interests at heart. Trust will play a big part here, but agile workspaces tend to attract more enthusiastic employees who are keen on growing alongside a company and working towards a common goal. It may not be exactly a home away from home, but it should strive to come close given how much time an employee spends there. 

#2) Innovate Within Your Space

Innovative, contemporary office designs can inspire employees and attract key talent at the same time. This can be achieved a number of ways, including eco-friendly workspaces that incorporate biophilic design with bright colours that help inspire productivity and creativity. The more relaxed and happy an employee feels, the more productive he or she becomes due to reduced stress, anxiety and negative thinking. It’s a simple concept that goes a long way to creating a bridge between employer and employee. By giving your crew a place where they can immerse themselves in the decor and company culture, you are encouraging them to pay it back with enthusiastic, inspired hard work. 

#1) Work Within An Open Floor Plan

Agile workstation operate within the boundaries of an open floor plan. There is some debate as to the effects of an open concept office, but any inherent negatives such as distraction can be mitigated by properly designing your agile space within the framework of the key areas we touched on before. The key word here is “agile.” By setting up such a space, you are creating a versatile environment that is well suited for any kind of task or employee. Each person has the freedom to migrate to different areas of the office if so needed, whether to concentrate fully or to be part of a collaborative session. Laying out each of these key areas is paramount to establishing the right balance within your open floor plan to minimize any negatives and reinforce the positives. 

We hope this inspires you to consider an agile workspace for your office environment. fluidconcepts offers a variety of stylish, contemporary and functional office furniture that is perfectly suited for just such a work environment. We invite you to explore our product line and get in touch with us so we can help transform your space!