Space Functionality in The Office

Today, more companies are focused on functionality within their space, in order to create a productive and efficient environment. Companies seek new designs, trends and innovative solutions to maximize space functionality to the benefit of their employees. According to Open Sourced Workspace, the amount of office space per employee has significantly decreased to an average of 176 square feet per person. In order to adapt to these changes, it is vital to incorporate innovative solutions to restructure your workplace and to align with modern designs. Check out this blog to set you on the right path to your new office space plan.

Questions to Ask Regarding Space Functionality in Your Office:
– Does my current office adapt to the needs and wants of my employees?
– Am I utilizing the office space to its maximum ability?
– Is my office at its highest functionality?
– Is my interior structured yet modern?
– Does my current office space promote productivity?

If you answered no to at least one of these questions, it’s time to consider innovative and flexible office furniture to maximize your space functionality.

The Advantage of Design Specific Furniture
Proper space planning will allow you to define the functional requirements within the space. Not only does design specific furniture provide unique design options, but it also maximizes space functionality. Ready-made furniture can’t always adapt to all office spaces. Custom solutions can be a cost-effective way to adapt the furniture to meet your defined requirements. Play with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to better suit your workplace or corporate culture. Think vertically and utilize furniture that is functional and innovative.

Co-Working Spaces
The global market value of flexible workspaces is estimated at an approximate value of $26 billion. As the amount of independent co-working spaces increase, this trend is working its way into the traditional office. A rise in telecommuting can result in a decreased need for a personal defined space within the office. Employees may only be in the office for a short period during the week. With this changing landscape, task specific furniture has been created to enhance the mobility and flow of a flexible workforce. Products offered by fluidconcepts such as BOB The Mobile Office, or ThinkPods allow for both flexibility with users and location within the space.

Open Plan Spaces
Open plan workspaces are increasingly growing in popularity. By tearing down walls, companies are maximizing their office layout, space functionality and improving employee communication. The Entrepreneur, ran a study which suggests that this layout is linked to higher levels of physical activity while at work, and lower levels of stress outside the office. For a more unique take on open plan benching, have a look at Truss by fluidconcepts. Other, more traditional offerings such as Qi or Edge are also smart solutions.

The Benefit
Space functionality is important to every business. The goal is an adaptable and versatile environment, making for a more efficient team. A study conducted by Clutch, showed that 53% of workers value flexibility in their workspace or office. By breaking down walls and introducing furniture tailored to your needs, you are increasing the happiness of your employees. Creating a functional and efficient office will also save you money and increase overall productivity.