OrbitPods And Your Office

Open workspaces are designed for a feeling of freedom, flexibility and communication. This means the wrong office furniture can quickly detract from this purpose. Choosing the right furniture involves a small footprint with an optimal working arrangement, which is where our OrbitPods line comes in. These ergonomic, incredibly stylish pods are designed as touch-down stations with a level of flexibility that supports partial, or full-enclosure use.

The secret to the OrbitPods design is the flexible Spine Live Hinge, which is capable of connecting two modules together to create any number of design combinations. A single OrbitPod can be fully closed, or splayed open for easy entrance and egress, all thanks to this design feature.

The OrbitPod line comes in a wide array of sizes within its 48” and 60” diameter options. Heights range from 36” to 49”, which allows companies to choose the right models for their different functions, work rooms and teams. Grade 1 Finishes include Acrylic Dividers, which are available in either frosted or marker board white style, depending on your aesthetic preference. Alternatively, one can choose Softscape Dividers in a variety of colors, from Black, to Medium Blue, and any manner in between. Finally, Fibrex Dividers are available in either White or Hard Rock Maple color variants. Worksurfaces come in thermofused laminate, and are also available in many colors, from Finnish Oak to Rustic Cherry; Silverwood or Heritage Maple (among others). Grade 2 Finishes feature a greater range of color options for structures, dividers and worksurfaces.

OrbitPods are also available in Half Shell variants as well, depending on your personal taste. These can be used as dividers, privacy screens or partial enclosures, and they may be added to down the line if so chosen. Once again, the Spline Live Hinge mechanism allows for easy connection of multiple OrbitPods to one another, allowing them to open and close without issue.

Finally, the OrbitPod line features available power options for those requiring electrical connectivity for their devices. These include XNAC pop-up power modules which allow the user to hide the socket when not in use, giving them a little more aesthetic value. One may also choose the XNOD round power modules for a more straightforward electrical solution. fluidconcepts also offers wire managers to keep clutter to a minimum, thereby increasing both workplace aesthetic value, and safety from tripping or wire catching. These come in low profile and vertical post variants.

OrbitPods are a perfect solution for companies that want a mini workstation that can be built upon, and configured a myriad of ways to compensate their teams. Because they take up little space, OrbitPods maximize the real estate of your workspace, while providing an excellent environment to focus, concentrate and perform. As always, we strive to create products that are stylish, contemporary and aesthetically pleasing for any workplace environment, which is where our many color options come into play.

For more information on our OrbitPods line, and the best models to choose for your workplace environment, please contact us today!