Office Furniture To Enhance The Modern Collaborative Workspace

The modern office has become a newfound collaborative hub for teams to optimize performance, do their best work, and enjoy a more relaxing environment. Everything works together, which is why choosing the right office furniture is so vital when it comes to completing the ensemble. 

Collaboration is the key focus when choosing the right office furniture, but it doesn’t have to serve just one purpose. There’s always a need for distraction-free environments that allow workers to focus on important tasks. Choosing the right mixture of office furniture items can blend the best of both worlds together, while redefining “collaborative” for an entirely new generation.


Break rooms and lounge areas aren’t just for taking one’s mind off of work. Nowadays, they are considered vital areas where employees can escape to for a change of scenery, or to focus in peace. By turning the break room into a multi–purpose venue, your workers can refresh their minds, maintain their energy level, and become more productive. 

It’s good to invest in the right office furniture that includes comfortable sofas, loungers and chairs that can relax employees and reduce stress. At the same time, it’s good to have a table or desk nearby with power options for employees to plug in and recharge smartphones, tablets, and of course, the work laptop. The last thing you’ll want is inconvenience creeping into an otherwise excellent workspace.


The open office has become the de facto standard for most companies seeking to modernize their workplace. Unfortunately, it does come at a cost, namely extra noise and bustle that can distract and impair employee focus. The objective is not to lose that sense of togetherness and camaraderie, but to balance it with work spots that cut down on distractions. One way this is accomplished is through the use of glass partitions that still allow employees to see each other and communicate visually, while cutting down on noise. This helps maintain the energy level of the office, without impairing focus.The fluidconcepts Alterna line was designed specifically for this purpose, and can be set up in practically any office environment.

Another option is to install work pods that allow employees to hunker down in temporary isolation to perform key tasks. fluidconcepts’ own Orbit Pods line has been hugely successful in giving employees the privacy and focus they need, without losing the magic of the open office environment. Plus, they can be taken down and moved, or redeployed quickly to accommodate an office layout change, or new hires. 


Cubicles are dead, and subsequent attempts to bring them back haven’t met with much success. This is a good thing, but it comes at the cost of privacy and focus. Thankfully, modern office furniture allows employees to keep working together, while still enjoying a private space to function. Collaborative desking and workstation options involve the use of partitions or dividers to create a healthy semblance of privacy, while eliminating the feeling of people looking over their shoulders.

fluidconcepts carries a wide range of these desking and workstation products, complete with multiple options that allow employers to customize the material and transparency of the dividers. Plus, all of our desking and workstation products come with extra options, including power and connectivity add-ons that help keep devices charged up, and wired into the local network.


Every collaborative space needs appropriate storage options in order to accommodate the workers therein. These typically come in the form of display and shelving units, as well as drawers, but they aren’t limited to the regular players. Nowadays, lockers have become a key staple of a good collaborative office space, giving employees a place to store valuables, sensitive papers and other items.

fluidconcepts has been leading the charge on storage options, particularly with our own modular and customizable line of lockers. Our objective was to stay classy, modern and minimalist, while providing a level of versatility that can suit any office space. This allows employers to cut down on safety risks, while prioritizing peace of mind among workers, which leads to a healthier work environment. 


Creating a good collaborative space isn’t difficult, but it does require some planning before execution. By taking office furniture into account early on, you can plan out the perfect space for your employees to feel more like a solid and unified team, whether it’s on the main floor, or in the break room. 

If you are having difficulty determining which office furniture products to pick for your collaborative workspace, we invite you to contact fluidconcepts today. We’ll analyze your goals and plans, and help select the right items that will complete your workspace, and turn it into a collaborative stronghold.