Office Furniture Design Ideas for 2023

Office furniture design trends change on a regular basis, which keeps things fresh as the business world moves forward. While it isn’t necessary to change up the scenery year over year, it is advisable to keep an eye on new office furniture trends that could benefit your workplace as you continue to grow and expand your operations.

2023 is set to take advantage of post-pandemic euphoria to get workers back into the office, and a big part of that will involve leveraging office design ideas that are stylish, attractive and functional. 


The open office concept isn’t new, but it continues to evolve on a consistent basis in an attempt to optimize its efficiency, while cutting down on some of its inherent drawbacks. The key issue with open offices is the difficulty in balancing privacy with employee interaction. As such, many office furniture designers are looking for ways to achieve the best of both worlds, and fluidconcepts is leading the charge.

Our Orbit line continues to be a major hit with companies who love the open office layout style, but require spaces for employees to hunker down and concentrate with less distraction. The modular nature of the line means they can be deployed in a number of different configurations to maximize an open office workspace. With the right balance, an open office can vastly improve company culture and a sense of teamwork. Just make sure to utilize the correct office furniture products to achieve that.


Drab and uninspired office furniture doesn’t bode well when trying to create an enthusiastic workspace. Therefore, more companies are demanding color and material options that best compliment their distinct visual style and brand image. Plus, different colors have varying effects when used in different areas of the workplace. Knowing which color to showcase in a particular area can mean the difference between boosting employee morale, and creating a sense of chaos.

fluidconcepts have made color and material options a must-have for years at this point, and we aren’t about to stop. The more choice you have as to what colors and materials you can choose for your office furniture products, the easier it is to integrate them seamlessly into your workspace. Keep in mind the standard rules when it comes to applying color:

  • Blue calms the mind and allows it to focus
  • Whites and off-whites can help reduce stress
  • Green boosts employee morale and well-being
  • Yellow can be used to lighten or stimulate the mood
  • Reds and oranges can be bold and exciting when used in the right spaces


These days, the desktop computer has taken a backseat to portable alternatives like notebooks and tablets. As such, the need for massive desks and dedicated workspaces has largely gone away, and companies now have more flexibility when it comes to optimizing space. That being said, many office furniture products should come with modern tech options included, just to be safe.

Our desking and tabling options, for instance, come with electrical and connectivity options to choose from, based on need and preference. Everything from electrical outlets to data ports can be integrated into our products in order to accommodate workers who need easy access to the internet, power and charging capabilities. When paired with other tech devices in the workplace, such as powerful data servers and display screens, your office can become a model of modern tech efficiency. 


Many companies make the mistake of sticking with a pre-established formula when it comes to laying out office furniture. There’s more to a great office than a few desks and some chairs. Therefore, we encourage companies to get creative when it comes to sprucing up their offices, which can actually help boost workplace efficiency.

We offer everything from portable desking options and height-adjustable desks, to modular storage lockers and fully integrated systems. Don’t neglect the reception area, either. Creativity will continue to be a big draw in 2023, with more emphasis placed on attracting employees back into the office, while attracting new talent, and impressing clients and visitors at the same time. 


As we move out of the uncertainty of 2022, the new year promises to be a new step forward for the business world. It pays to take advantage of new emerging trends, and ones already established, in order to create the perfect workspace. Doing so will allow your company to stand apart from the competition, and attract new business.

For more information on how fluidconcepts products can be used in conjunction with 2023’s upcoming office design trends, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help. We’re already looking forward to the future in order to stay in line with the wonderful changes taking place in the office design field.