Modular Office Furniture - Is It Right For Your Company?

In the days of business yore, a desk was a desk, a chair a chair, and a cabinet simply that - a cabinet. That’s all in the past since we’ve moved into a new age of thinking when it comes to office furniture designs. Today, modularity is the key to crafting excellent office furniture that does more than one job, while exceeding at all of them simultaneously. 

Yet, it must be asked, does modular office furniture really change the workplace for the better? Is it just a gimmick or a buzz word, or is there something more going on? The truth about modular office furniture is that it boasts many perks and advantages that traditional furniture options simply could not match in their heyday. Read on to learn how, and why.


The word “modular” conjures up images of a Rubix cube puzzle, and in many ways, that’s not far off from the truth. The ability to customize one particular line of office furniture products, or hot-swap modules on the fly is a novel one, and it works. Modular office furniture adapts to its workspace, rather than formulate a one-size-fits-all approach. The traditional cubicle, for instance, required a particular amount of square footage to operate in, and when linked together to form an office floor, quickly turned into a prime example of coldness and rigidity.

Today, the cubicle has been banished to the wayside by modular replacements that can tackle more than one function. fluidconcepts stands at the forefront of this endeavor with our ever-popular Orbit Pods; a radical evolution of the old school cubicle that can be deployed in nearly any setup imaginable, while giving employees the benefits of both an open workspace, and a private station to focus on their tasks. 

Similarly, our desking, hybrid post and beam systems, and even our storage lockers are designed with modularity in mind. Individual components and modules can be laid out separately, or connected in a myriad of different configurations to suit any type of office or work scenario. 


If your business is doing well, it’s inevitably going to expand. As your team grows, so too will the need for more office furniture that can go the distance. In the old days, the rigid and predefined dimensions of office furniture created bottlenecks and cramping that can largely be avoided with today’s modular replacements. Not only can companies purchase more modules to stack onto their existing office furniture, but they can also tear down and redeploy them to create new workspaces for newly hired employees, or to make room for other items.

Modular office furniture was designed to squeeze out every available centimeter of office space, while simultaneously allowing employees to work at peak efficiency. No company should have to move out of their workspace prematurely, especially in their first formative years of growth. Modular furniture prolongs the need to move to a larger location until absolutely necessary, thereby saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process. In other words, don’t let your office furniture dictate the growth of your company. Rather, invest in modular office furniture that plays by your rules.


Modular office furniture isn’t all about function, but style, as well. Today’s furniture offers a plethora of color and material choices designed to suit different kinds of workplaces. Once again, modularity sits at the forefront of the entire design process. The more choices and customization options, the more fitting the office furniture will be in any particular workspace. 

There’s also cost-effectiveness to consider, whether it’s negating the need to buy unnecessary furniture over time, or its durability and reliability. Purchasing individual components and modules one at a time as you grow is a fantastic way to stave off unnecessary overspending, while tackling multiple needs at once.


Today’s businesses and entrepreneurs demand more choice in the types of office furniture they install in their spaces, and that’s a good thing. Not only does modular office furniture tick all the right boxes in terms of workplace advantages, but it also inspires the development of even better furniture over the course of time. As modular momentum continues to pick up steam, so too will the next generation of bright designers conjure up office furniture that reinvents the workplace for the next generation, and beyond.

fluidconcepts embraces modular thinking from start to finish on every single one of our office furniture products, making us one of the premier suppliers in the business. If you love the thought of flexibility, freedom and versatility through modern modular office furniture, we want to hear from you. Contact us today to learn how our office furniture products can redefine what efficiency really means in an office environment.