Introducing Our Brand New Locker Product Range

Whether it’s for storage or security, the right locker system can be an invaluable addition to your office space. Employees can use lockers for storing their valuables, while managers and owners can use them for the storage of sensitive materials that require a high degree of security.

fluidconcepts has just unveiled a brand new line of lockers that are meant for temporary or full-time storage, anywhere in your workspace. In addition to sporting extremely high quality materials and durability, our locker range is versatile enough to be placed anywhere you require, from kitchen areas, to change rooms or accounting offices.

Understanding our locker range means understanding how they can fit within your floor plan. We have several models available, including single, double and quad locker systems, as well as singles and doubles with cubby holders for a little extra versatility. The latter represents a nice balance between security and convenience for items that may not require a lockdown, but can still be used for storage of easily accessible items.

By mixing and matching our locker systems within your workspace, you can design the right kind of combinations that fit meeting spaces, workstations or common areas with ease. Obviously, lockers are a big hit in locker and lunch rooms, which is where many employees like to store their valuables.

Locker heights are fully customizable from a standard minimum of 27.5”, right up to 65”, depending on need. Once again, mixing and matching various locker types can create the perfect combination for your space, to be sure to get creative.

All of our lockers feature full laminate construction with ¾” doors and cases, plus 3” kick plate for positioning. Inside are adjustable shelves and coat hooks for non-cubby lockers, which introduces another level of customization for different scenarios and applications. Each locker offers a keyed alike, random or electronic lock option, depending on the level of security you wish to implement, and there’s also a number plate option for a little more attention to detail. Finally, each locker comes in a choice of 3 pull styles including a box handle, a medium loop or electronic lock.

Blend your choice of pull style with a whopping 22 choices of standard laminate finishes – everything from nova white, to mahogany. We’ve thought of every possible finish that would fit a workspace, and a company’s personal style!

With so much customization available, you can deck out your office space with a locker system that befits your company’s aesthetic look, and requirements. Not only are they great for storage, but they’re convenient for securing both personal, and sensitive business-related assets. Blend our lockers with other fluidconcepts office furniture products to craft a distinct, unique look for your workplace.

For more information on our lockers and products, please contact us today, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!