Introduce “Curve Appeal” To Your Customers

We are all familiar with the metaphor “Think Outside of the Box”. This means to think differently, unconventionally or from a different perspective, and often refers to novel or creative thinking. The world of office furniture is all too often linear thinking, in right angles and straight lines. If we are to encourage thinking outside of the box, why place employees or furniture users “inside a box”.

Work spaces or work stations can have “curve appeal” and contribute to the creativity and productivity of the user. Why expect an employee to be creative in a non-creative environment? Curved or round stations can range from smaller stations designed for “touch down” or temporary work areas, to larger work environments.

The Orbit and ThinkPOD lines from Fluid Concepts are outside of the box solutions for the work place. The images below are from a major university library, and include an Orbit circulation desk and both full enclosure and half-shell ThinkPODS for library users.   fluidconcepts ThinkPODS are provided in 4-foot and 5-foot diameters.

Q201409-10616-Emory University-A2

Q201409-10616-Emory University-A3

The half-shell (below) is used in a hotel as an airport check-in kiosk. The work surface is provided in a quartz to match the hotel interior.  These PODS could also be full enclosure to address any privacy concerns. The mobile ThinkPOD below was placed in a hospital setting at busy intersecting corridors to serve as an information station. Additional ThinkPOD images can be viewed here.

Q201405-10140-R2-Wolfsons Childrens Hospital-ThinkPOD 2

Q201407-10356-HOLIDAY INN-A1-ThinkPOD-1

Orbit is our line designed for larger circular and curved applications. In addition to the Orbit design being unconventional and creative, studies indicate that the work surface area is 25% to 30% more easily accessible compared to traditional L-shaped stations. As Fluid Concepts is highly customizable, the Orbit stations can be designed to accommodate available floor space. With the uniqueness of Orbit we routinely provide CAD blocks to dealers and architects for space. 

The images below are from a 3-Pack Serpentine Orbit layout. The center work area has a greater degree of privacy, while the two end stations are essentially half-rounds. planning purposes.

The Orbit units below were designed for private, pre-screening meeting areas in a medical care setting. The outside lower dividers are a high pressure laminate while the inside lower panels are softened with a fabric covering. Orbit is excellent for larger bullpen and shared work areas as illustrated in the image below.  Low storage and other accessories can be incorporated to meet user needs.  Additional Orbit and curved images can be viewed here

Q201301-8570- 7

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With our Orbit and ThinkPOD lines you can use the opportunity to be unconventional and creative in your work environment. In other words, Think Outside of the Box.

For many more ideas or information on fluidconcepts round workstation, Thinkpods, or any curvilinear solution please contact

Q201211-8427-Fluid Showroom-Design Dept.-Runway-1


Quattro Stations-Curved-V.2

fluidconcepts Thinkpod 4 cluster maple

7889 typical-5

fluidconcepts Thinkpod 4 cluster blue