Integrating Privacy Into Your Modern Office Space

As the open office concept continues to gain more ground, especially with the millennial worker generation, the need to balance it with privacy has become more of an issue. Thankfully, the newest versions of the open office model are learning from previous mistakes, and making privacy a priority for workers who need it.

There are many easy ways to integrate the concept of privacy into your modern office space, while still maintaining the benefits of an open plan. Even companies that haven’t yet moved to such a model can still rely on some handy tips to keep workers happy, comfortable, and immune from too many distractions.


fluidconcepts realized early on that the need for self-contained workspaces was becoming more and more apparent in the modern age. For that reason, we created our Orbit Pods line, which was designed to integrate privacy into the workplace, without cutting workers off from the rest of the team. The key approach here is versatility - the ability to hunker down in private when need be, and the ability to open things up and become part of the team dynamic.

Office pods are designed to cut down on distractions by allowing employees to seal themselves temporarily into an enclosed space, thereby eliminating visual and auditory stimuli. This creates a best-of-both-worlds approach that provides workers with the flexibility they require, in order to complete focused tasks. Our Orbit Pod line was designed to be portable and modular, meaning they can be moved and redeployed any number of times in order to fit an ever-growing workspace.


While most modern office furniture options are designed with sleek simplicity and versatility in mind, that doesn’t mean they can’t accommodate users who need more privacy. In fact, the modular nature of our own office furniture products allows them to be deployed in such a manner that employees can enjoy privacy at any time. Beyond that, office furniture desks and workstations tend to absorb sound and provide breaks to line of sight that can help employees feel more focused.

If working side-by-side with others robs employees of a sense of privacy, this can easily be remedied with partitions and dividers that can be installed between desk units. fluidconcepts has integrated these partitions and dividers into many of our product lines, and they include both transparent and opaque materials, depending on how much privacy is sought after. In the end, it’s clear that the classic cubicle has gone the way of the dinosaur, while new office furniture still retains an element of privacy, without boxing employees into a claustrophobic unit.


Partitions between desks can do wonders, but they’re also helpful when trying to divide rooms. While the open office concept may still play a role in your particular workspace, you can add a bit more privacy to it by installing larger partitions that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and styles.

These partitions can block out sound, without visually isolating members of the team away from one another. This is helpful for teams who need to focus, or for employees who simply want to get up and take their work to a quieter space for a few hours. Keep in mind that partitions don’t just stop at office furniture products, either. They can also include bookshelves, plants and other items that act as makeshift partitions, while sprucing up your office with a bit of style at the same time.


And finally, there’s something to be said for designated areas of the workplace where employees can rush to in order to get some privacy. While open office designs are all the rage nowadays, there’s no reason not to include one or two dedicated spaces away from the central work hub. These areas can be used for multiple functions, whether it’s a boardroom meeting, an interview or team meeting, etc. 

Even the break room can be used as a designated work area for employees to squeeze in a little bit of privacy. Try to create a break room where employees can feel comfortable and motivated, and make it about more than just the coffee machine and the ping-pong table. If done correctly, you can create a privacy-focused workspace within your office, even if that wasn’t its original intention.


There’s no getting around the fact that employees sometimes need privacy, especially if they’re the introverted sort. Even some extroverted workers have trouble focusing while so much is going on around them. By injecting privacy into your office, be it open concept or not, you can improve productivity, and keep employees feeling happier and more energetic.

fluidconcepts knows how important privacy is to your workspace, and we’ve built it into many of our products by default. For more information on how to choose the right office furniture products that can boost privacy for your workers, contact us today. We’d be glad to help.