How To Divide Your Workspace For Greater Efficiency

Cluttered workspaces are the bane of every company, and they can get out of hand rather fast. When this occurs, it can have a significant impact on workplace productivity by making it harder to focus and get work done on time. That’s why many companies seek to divide the workspace into designated areas for specific tasks, in order to cut down on the chaos, while optimizing foot traffic and employee concentration.

Increasing the efficiency of your workspace isn’t particularly difficult, provided you keep some handy tips in mind. Doing so will relieve a lot of congestion and confusion, while allowing employees to breathe easier, focus better, and become more productive as a result.


Vertical space goes a long way compared to horizontal space. Stacking upwards means more floor area is left for foot traffic and compartmentalization. Therefore, it’s best to exploit vertical space as much as possible. We recommend implementing open shelving and filing systems that expand upwards, leaving more room on the actual floor. They can also act as handy dividers to separate one part of the workspace from the other, all without harming teamwork and energy.


Dividers can separate different areas within your workspace, which is handy for employees who need to prioritize certain tasks, or work within clusters for the sake of better teamwork. They can also be used for meeting and conference rooms. The trick is to keep the open office feel, without adding to the distractions imposed by such a system. Acrylic dividers are a great way to maintain the camaraderie of the workplace, while cutting out unwanted noise and other distractions.

The same goes for workstations and desking units, which can benefit from smaller dividers that allow workers to focus on their tasks, while still remaining a part of the overall team dynamic. Plus, it offers a sense of privacy and coziness that can reduce anxiety and stress levels.

And finally, don’t count out whiteboard dividers. They may look old fashioned, but they’re very handy for team meetings and keeping track of tasks, while also offering a degree of separation and compartmentalization. The wonderful thing about whiteboard dividers is that they serve two purposes at once, even if most employees won’t realize it.


Choosing the wrong desks and workstation units for your workspace can have detrimental effects on foot traffic and overall layout. Clutter occurs largely through a combination of bad planning, no upkeep, and the wrong choice in office furniture. By optimizing your space with office furniture that makes better use of square footage, you’ll be in a much better position to declutter your space and improve efficiency. 

fluidconcepts’ own desking and workstation options were designed with modularity in mind. That means that besides taking up a reduced footprint, they’re also deployable in many different configurations so that companies can better divide their workspaces and fill them accordingly. That way, you are not limited by the space in question, and can better lay out your desking and workstation units for greater efficiency.


Speaking of modularity - which is a large part of our design philosophy - portable divisions are also a great way to declutter the office, while also streamlining the overall layout. Our Mix Screen line has been immensely successful, primarily because it serves as a means to divide up workspaces, while providing functional materials for employee involvement. Better still, they’re portable, which means they can be moved and redeployed to different parts of the office, or in different configurations as your company grows.

The mixture of portability and modularity is a one-two punch when it comes to decluttering an office space. The more flexible your office furniture is, the easier it is to compartmentalize and tidy up the workplace, while optimizing traffic flow, reducing distractions, and giving employees more focus.


Reducing clutter in a workplace is a mixture of the right design philosophies, and the right office furniture products. The objective is to take up as little space as possible, while still providing employees with a means to store their materials, cut down on waste, and allow for a free-flowing office environment that is big on optimization. 

If you are looking for the right office furniture that can perform both these tasks at once, contact fluidconcepts today. Our furniture product lines can reorient your office space to allow for maximum productivity, while looking sleek, stylish and contemporary, all at the same time.