Fixed, Demountable and Alterna-Based Office Spaces

When planning out your office space, it’s a good idea to analyze whether fixed offices are a better option vs. demountable offices. At first glance, many may think they know the answer, but details matter! Let’s take a look at the differences between fixed office spaces and demountable office setups.

Traditional fixed wall systems tend to focus on drywall solutions, and present some unfortunate caveats. Not only are drywall installations expensive, but installation fees can be rather high. Before the drywall has had time to settle, a large chunk of money has already been eaten away. Now, consider that drywall comes unpainted and unfinished. This combined with the need to run data and electrical cables, creates a secondary phase of high costs in order to achieve proper setup. Plus, it can take weeks of manual labor to accomplish, and installers must factor in their own set of costs on top of yours. Naturally, the worst part of a drywall option is that it’s fixed in place. Any change to the office environment or layout requires immense time and labor costs, not to mention noise, debris and distraction. In the case of a rented office, this is simply too much to bear. 

In contrast, demountable office spaces focus on walls (commonly called demountable partitions) that can be unmounted and reinstalled in a different position around your office, whenever you please. They can also be ported to a new office environment for re-installation as well. Demountable office setups come in two styles – unitized walls, which arrive assembled for very quick installation and less labor; and modular walls, which arrive in pieces and require hand assembly. Both are viable options, but modular walls tend to offer more flexibility when it comes to design aesthetics such as the finish. Unitized walls tend to be more utilitarian in nature, which may be absolutely fine for your office space, depending on your end goal.

Demountable walls are best suited for closed environments where privacy is a factor, and outside noise may be a concern. Due to the acoustic solutions offered by demountable walls, companies can create distraction-free office spaces that are best suited for those trying to focus on a particular task, or for collaborative teams to discuss a project without interference. They are also well suited for confidential conversations that take place in client and board meetings. One of the largest advantages, however, is the ability to quickly hot-swap demountable configurations to create new ones, such as splitting up several spaces to form one larger space. Flexibility is a major draw. Further, a company can structure their office layout to accommodate multiple tasks, employee needs and individual spaces. 

Finally, demountable walls tend to be very good for the environment, thanks to their use of recycled materials. Since they are reusable, they can accommodate a growing company, or one in transition with relative ease. There’s less mess, waste and headache all around.

Are these the only solutions available? Actually, no. fluidconcepts’ Alterna series of products is a third option that customers might wish to consider. This lightweight wall system was designed specifically for a wide array of configuration options and can be outfitted with high capacity data and electrical distribution systems for optimal functionality. It takes the demountable wall concept to an entirely different level by mixing a highly modular approach with breathtaking ease of use. The portability of the Alterna line makes it an attractive option for those who want to keep walls intact, while enjoying the benefits of a sturdy, beautiful wall system inside a custom space. Further, it allows for lightning-fast reconfiguration to suit any change in your office environment. 

Have you recently hired new team members? Re-configuring your office to accommodate them is a snap, and can be done in a fraction of the time it would normally take. No company wants to deal with downtime, distraction or annoying debris! It’s an exercise in frustration that can easily be avoided by choosing products from the Alterna line. This also serves to reduce cost by jettisoning the need for costly labor, setup times and inevitable wall repairs. It’s a smartly designed system for forward-thinking companies intent on marching full-speed ahead to growth and success!

You can check out fluidconcepts entire Alterna line here.