Choosing The Right Fabrics For Your Office Furniture

Office furniture includes more than just chairs, workstations and boardroom tables. In fact, there are many elements that comprise the decor of an office, including couches and sofas, loveseats and the like. It’s important that your clients and visitors have comfy spots to relax, and it’s hard to beat traditional fabrics when it comes to meeting that goal.

However, not all fabrics are created alike, and it’s good to know the details of the most popular ones before you start buying office furniture. Otherwise, you may end up encountering problems that you didn’t expect, which can lead to wasted money, and unsightly furniture within a very short period of time.


Before you can choose an appropriate fabric for your office furniture, you’ll need to consider where you’ll be placing it. High-traffic areas that see a lot of use will necessitate choosing durable fabrics with tight weaves that are also resistant to things like spills and stains. With so many people using the furniture within a particular space, wear and tear will build up. The stronger the fabric, the longer it’ll take for it to wear down. 

By contrast, specialty areas that don’t see a lot of traffic can be filled up with office furniture made with softer and more luxurious fabrics like silk and linen. Obviously, these two fabrics would be rather poor for a break room lounger, especially with so much food and drink lurking about. However, an executive office could benefit from a luxurious couch made with finer materials, since it will typically see less use throughout the day.


As with any office furniture product, it’s important to make sure your choices compliment your branding and company style. Similarly, different office furniture items require different colors in order to portray intended emotions. Make sure to read up on the psychology of color, especially as it relates to the office environment, as this can have a profound impact on mood and atmosphere.

Also, make sure to choose colors that aren’t too off the company brand. While it might be tempting to go for a bright and beautiful fabric color, it may look out of place with the rest of your decor. Perhaps a similar alternative color would be a better choice, and capable of balancing aesthetics and messaging in a more optimal way.

Another factor to consider is the choice of fabric pattern. Again, it’s good to choose the right pattern that will compliment your decor, rather than detract away from it. Besides that, it’s wise to choose a fabric that won’t look stale or dated over time. Certain patterns may look bold and flashy at first, but they can quickly wear out their welcome after a few years in the office.


Some fabrics are more resilient not only to damage and wear, but also to cleaning products. Others, however, are much more sensitive, and require greater care and TLC in order to maintain them over time. Make sure that the fabrics you choose for your office furniture products are capable of withstanding certain chemicals and products. 

There are always different methods to clean any fabric, but some are more complex than others. Some can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes, others may require a water-based solution with a touch of soap, and many more may require dry cleaning. Knowing which fabrics to choose means determining just how much time and effort you want to put into cleaning them.


And finally, many people forget how direct sunlight can affect the look of fabrics. Certain types suffer greatly under sunlight exposure, and can fade drastically over time. Others are more resilient, but will still eventually suffer the same outcome. Linen and silk are especially vulnerable to sunlight, especially if they come in darker colors.

In fact, any fabric with a darker, richer color scheme will tend to fade faster in the sun, as opposed to white-ish fabrics. White objects resist UV rays better than darker objects, which tend to absorb them. If you’re concerned about fabric fading, it’s best to pull office furniture away from direct sunlight, or choose a different style that is more resilient to it. 


Here at fluidconcepts, we put a large amount of focus on versatile, modular and efficient office furniture that works in tandem with company employees to create the most optimal environment. Peppering your office workspace with luxurious and beautiful furniture is always a great idea, but make sure to balance it out with office furniture that goes the distance, and offers the most versatility for your workers.

For more information on our office furniture products, and how they can help transform your office into a model of efficiency, contact fluidconcepts today!